Set Orientation Apk

Version v7.0.0
Android Version Android 8.0 and up
Category Communication
Languages English
Developer OHMAE Ryosuke
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Set Orientation APK is a handy app that allows you to control the orientation of your device's screen. Whether you want to force an app or game to appear in landscape mode or prefer the default portrait mode, this simple yet powerful tool gives you the freedom to customize your viewing experience. With its user-friendly interface and compact size, Set Orientation makes it effortless to adjust the screen orientation on your device.

What is Meant by the Set Orientation APK?

The Set Orientation APK is an application that enables you to modify the orientation of your device's screen. By installing this app, you can change the way apps and games are displayed, switching between portrait and landscape modes at your convenience. Set Orientation offers a straightforward solution for controlling the screen orientation on your device, allowing you to enjoy content in your preferred viewing format.

Features of Set Orientation APK:

Custom Orientation

Set Orientation APK allows you to choose between landscape and portrait modes, giving you the flexibility to adjust the screen orientation to suit your preferences for different apps and activities.

App-Specific Settings

With this feature, you can assign specific screen orientations to individual apps. For example, you can set your video player to always open in landscape mode, while keeping your messaging app in portrait mode for convenient typing.

Orientation Lock

Set Orientation APK includes an orientation lock feature, which allows you to fix the screen orientation in a particular mode. This ensures that the screen remains in your desired orientation even when you rotate your device.

User-Friendly Interface

The app offers a simple interface, making it easy to navigate and customize the screen orientation settings. You can quickly access the options and toggle between different orientations with just a few taps.


Set Orientation APK is designed to be lightweight and takes up minimal space on your device. It does not consume excessive system resources, ensuring smooth performance and efficient operation.

Ad-Free Experience

Unlike many other apps, Set Orientation APK provides an ad-free experience. You can enjoy using the app without any annoying advertisements popping up on your screen.


This app is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, ensuring that you can use it regardless of the smartphone or tablet model you have. It works seamlessly on various Android versions.

Auto-Start Option

Set Orientation APK can be configured to automatically start when your device powers on. This ensures that your preferred screen orientation settings are applied consistently without the need for manual adjustment each time.

Quick Toggle

The app offers a convenient toggle button that allows you to switch between the default screen orientation and the custom orientation with just a single tap. It provides a quick and easy way to change the screen orientation on the go.

Free of Cost

Set Orientation APK is available for download at no cost. You can enjoy all its features and benefits without any financial burden, making it accessible to all users.

What's New in Set Orientation APK?

Enhanced Compatibility

The latest version of Set Orientation APK offers improved compatibility with newer Android devices, ensuring seamless performance across a broader range of smartphones and tablets.

Additional Orientation Options

The app now provides additional orientation options, allowing you to set the screen rotation to specific angles, such as 90 degrees or 180 degrees, for a more personalized viewing experience.

Improved App Detection

Set Orientation now has enhanced app detection capabilities, making it easier to assign specific screen orientations to individual apps and games.

Stability and Performance Enhancements

The latest update includes various bug fixes and optimizations, enhancing the stability and overall performance of the application.

Why Get Set Orientation APK?

Set Orientation APK provides a simple and effective solution for customizing your device's screen orientation. Whether you prefer landscape mode for watching videos or portrait mode for reading, this app offers the flexibility to adapt to your needs. With its user-friendly interface, compatibility with various Android devices, and the ability to assign app-specific screen orientations, Set Orientation enhances your viewing experience, ensuring that you can enjoy content the way you want.


Set Orientation APK empowers users to customize their device's screen orientation effortlessly. Whether you want to watch videos in landscape mode or read ebooks in portrait mode, this simple app offers a user-friendly solution. With features such as app-specific settings, orientation lock, and a lightweight design, Set Orientation enhances your viewing experience on Android devices. Download Set Orientation APK today and take control of your screen orientation with ease.


Q. Can I use Set Orientation APK to change the screen orientation of a specific game or app?

Yes, Set Orientation APK allows you to assign specific screen orientations to individual apps or games, giving you full control over how they are displayed on your device.

Q. Does Set Orientation APK consume a lot of storage space?

No, Set Orientation is a lightweight app that takes up only a little over 100 kilobytes of storage space, ensuring it does not burden your device's memory.


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