UC Browser Mini Mod Apk

Version v12.11.6.1205
Android Version Android 5.1
Category Communication
Languages English
Developer UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
99.7% (1003 Ratings)



Browsers are a must right now because everyone uses browsers on their desktop and mobiles. For desktops you have few options available but if you have a smartphone there are many different browsers available that you can choose. The best one out of them if you have a low end mobile is UC Browser Mini.

The reason why this browser is rated very well on the app store is that it is compatible with the smartphone which has low storage. This browser will provide you a very smooth experience with its fast servers and you will get a better downloading and browsing speed on your mobile phone. It also has the different modes available to make the browsing experience better.

What is meant by UC Browser Mini APK?

 It is the basic version of this browser that you can use on your mobile phone. In this version you will have access to the limited features of this browser because some of the features will not be available for free. This browser is very compact in size which is the reason why it is best for smartphones having low storage. There is also no compromise with this browser because it provides a very smooth experience because of its fast servers and an easy interface.

What are the best features of UC Browser Mini Mod APK?

Fast internet browser

This browser is a very fast internet browser that you can use on your mobile phone because it has fast servers. It makes the experience of browsing for a smartphone so much better.

Trending status and short video

Everyone likes to watch the trending status and the short videos on their mobile. For that you have a specific option available in this browser from where you can watch all of the trending statuses and short videos and can even download them.

Smooth experience

Your experience is going to be very smooth with this browser on your mobile because it has fast servers that makes your downloading experience very smooth.

Attractive interface

It is very important that a browser should have a good interface that users like. For that in this browser you have a very attractive interface available which makes it a very good and convenient option for the users.

Incognito mode

It is also important that a browser should have a private mode available that can be used to hide the activities. In this browser you have the incognito mode available that you can enable and can hide your activities from others.

Speed mode

There are also some people who will want even more speed while browsing on the internet with this browser and for that you have a specific speed mode available in the app that you can enable and get a better browsing experience with very high speed.

Built in download manager

While using this browser you will also download different things like the movies, videos and some other things. To keep track of your downloads you have a built in download Manager available in the app from where you can see the things you have downloaded and can easily access them.

Customize theme

You can also customize the theme of this browser like when you download that app you have the default theme selected. From the settings you can go to the theme options and from there you can select the other themes available and can apply them.

Data usage option

You can also keep track of your data usage with this browser. You have the data usage option available in it for where you can view the data you have used in a day or in the current month.

Save pages

You will use this browser to view many of the different pages on your smartphone and sometimes you will also need access to some pages offline. To do that you can even save the pages in this browser that you can later on access even without internet connection.

What's New in the UC Browser Mini Mod APK?

High speed servers

This modified version of this internet browser has even more high speed servers available that will take your browsing experience to a whole new level.

Bugs free

In the basic version of this browser you will experience some bugs that will be disappointing and for that this modified version is completely bugs free.

Premium features unlocked

In the basic question of the app there are some features that are not accessible. These are the premium features and in this modified version you have complete access to the premium features because they are unlocked already.

Free of ads

Ads of the biggest disappointment for the uses while using any browser. This browser also contains ads but in this modified version you will get the best experience of this browser because it is free of ads.

Why UC Browser Mini Mod APK?

It is the modified version of this browser which can be downloaded free from our website. This version comes with premium features already unlocked which means that you can use all of the features of this browser by using this version on your smartphone. This browser is also completely free of ads which means that you will get no interruptions while using this version.


The people who have a smartphone with a lost storage would definitely like this Mini version of UC Browser. It will provide you all of the features that you require from a browser in a compact size. You have many amazing features available in it like a speed mode, fast downloading, download manager and customization options as well.


Q. Is there an Incognito mode available in the UC Browser Mini APK?

Yes, there is an incognito mode available in the UC Browser Mini apk.

Q. Does the UC Browser Mini APK have fast servers?

Yes, UC Browser Mini APK has fast servers available and you also have a speed mode available in this browser that you can enable.


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