Betogel Apk

Version v1.0
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Entertainment
Languages English / Indonesian
Developer betogel
98.49% (530 Ratings)



Betogel Apk is a casino game easily downloadable on Android. One would be able to find it easily in the Casino list of Google play store. It is basically an Indonesian lottery app. Download Apk Betogel to get an access to multiple live games after an investment of 10,000 IDRs.

The latest version of Betogel apk is 1.0 updated in 2021 and is compatible with Android 4.1 and exceeding. Betogel also offers with 4 ways in which you can make anticipations regarding your lottery number.

You can easily open and use this app without any discrepancies like advertisements. There are 12 types of lottery games that players can enjoy. Get notified automatically regarding your winnings of lottery.

It is basically a large Indonesian lottery market and it seems like being in an online casino while playing this game. Although it is only downloadable on Android devices. This app can easily be downloaded by just one click without paying anything for its downloading.

Download Betogel apk to avail exclusive discounts and get a lottery number by checking results. Betogel is considered to be as one of the most secure lottery applications of Indonesia.

You can unlimited lotteries through this game easily.  Further details of its features and installation features have been provided in the article below.

BetoGel Apk Features

Free of cost downloading.

You can easily download Betogel Apk on your Android device without paying for it.

Easy to install.

Installing Betogel Apk is much convenient. With just a single click onto the download link on this website, you can easily install the app.

Multiple lottery games.

BetoGel Apk offers 12 different lottery games namely flower campus, 2D, 3D, and 4D, Gay Cross, 50-50, 2 combos, shio, basic, plug free and etc.

Lottery prediction ways.

There are expertly lottery number predicting ways that the users can use for anticipating regarding their lottery numbers.

Safe and secure.

This app is secure to use as it would not affect the privacy of the user in any way. As well as it does not exploit the user’s data in any way.

Exclusive discounts.

Download apk Betogel to get exclusive discount after lucky draws.

BetoGel Apk Download

Allow the device to accept download from this unknown source.

Tap onto the download bar on this website to start the procedure.

Wait till the downloading gets end.

Save the downloaded file in any folder of your device.

BetoGel Apk Installation

Go the settings option of your Android device.

Enable the unknown source option to download the app.

Click on the download bar for downloading BetoGel.

Store the downloaded app in file manager.

Install the app and start playing and sharing the game with your family and friends.


BetoGel Apk is a free to use and easily downloadable app for Android devices. It is basically a lottery game that you can share and play with friends and family. It is absolutely safe to download on your device as it does not reveal the identity of its players neither their personal data. There are multiple chances of winning incredible lotteries through the 12 types of games it offers the players with. You can easily win more by lucky draws and can take prediction about your lottery numbers via professionally developed 4 ways of prediction.


Q. How to download BetoGel Apk on Android?

Follow these few steps to easily install BetoGel Apk for free in your Android device.
1. Go the settings option of your Android device.
2. Enable the unknown source option to download the app.
3. Click on the download bar for downloading BetoGel.
4. Store the downloaded app in file manager.
5. Install the app and start playing and sharing the game with your family and friends.

Q. What is BetoGel Apk?

BetoGel Apk is a free to download lottery application. It belongs to the genre of casino games. There are 12 games one can play related to lottery winning. The players can win more via lucky draws held frequently. Sharing and playing this game with friends and family gives the player extra discounts and benefits. This game is considered to be as the most secure and successful lottery games of Indonesia.


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