Foxi Apk

Version v1.0.1
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Entertainment
Languages English
Developer FlowersHDMovies
97.43% (545 Ratings)



Nowadays streaming applications are very popular because on these applications you can watch your favorite movies, web series and TV shows. But such types of applications are very expensive and that is why not all of us can easily afford the subscription of these streaming apps. If you are looking for a better way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies without any expensive subscriptions then we have a suggestion for you.

We have found a free movie application that is called foxi APK. Foxi APK is a free streaming application where you can enjoy different content. It is an online application that our users can download for free of cost. This application has a 1 million plus active community who use this application to watch the latest movies.

What is meant by foxi APK

Foxi APK was originally created by FlowersHDmovies. This application is very reliable for all of us because it does not contain any in app purchases. User interface of this application is very simple and it has different categories so it will be easy for you to choose or find the content. All of the features of this streaming app are completely free to access. This application also provides you a search engine where you can search your favorite movies and web series.

 Different movie categories are available on this app like horror fantasy thrilling adventure reality comedy etc. It is the world's best and cheapest online streaming application because it does not demand a single penny from the users and gives 100% free access on the interface.

What are the features of foxi apk

No subscriptions

It is a most reliable application for those people who don't want to spend their money on monthly subscriptions. This application is free from any kind of subscription packages so you can enjoy everything without spending real money.

Different categories

If you are having difficulty searching content then don't worry because this application gives you several categories. With the help of these categories you can find great content.

High quality content

It is the most prominent and amazing feature of this application because some people think that free online movie applications do not give high quality content but it is not true. if you have a foxi APK then you will watch your favorite content on HD quality.

Free installation

On the internet you can search so many online streaming apps and some of them are very popular like Netflix, cinema HD and prime video. But only those can access this application who have subscriptions. Thanks to the developer of foxy APK who does not demand any money from the users and gives free UI.

What's new in foxi apk

Smooth interface

Interface place and important role in any app's success. This application is convenient and reliable for all kinds of users and especially for those who can't understand that complex UI.

Latest features

The features of the streaming app are amazing and to make the app more convenient for the users, more amazing features have been added. Now you can not only watch the movies but you can also download them or add them to your wish list.

New categories

In the latest version you will see some new categories like no you can watch K dramas, documentaries and biographies. It is the latest update which has made this application more successful.

Why get foxi apk

If you cannot prime video and Netflix subscription packages then don't worry because now you can watch your favorite content on foxi APK. All the old and latest web series and movies are now available on this platform. All you need is to search and find your interest. Another amazing feature is that you cannot only watch movies but you can also see the reviews and ratings.

Method of downloading foxi apk

If you are interested in this online streaming app then go to the search bar and type foxi apk. Then click on our website and download the latest version of this streaming app. The last step is to go to your file manager, open the download folder and install this application.


Since you guys know that it is a free streaming application where you can watch all types of content without paying a single penny. So let's delete all other streaming apps and download foxy APK and enjoy free experience anytime anywhere.


Q. Does APK also have subscription packages?

Fortunately not! This only streaming app is completely free and it does not contain any subscription plans so you can use all the features without paying anything.

Q. Is there any way I can remove ads from foxi apk?

No the ads are placed by the developers of this application soul you cannot remove them from this application.


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