Pluto TV Apk

Version v5.35.0
Android Version Android 5.0+
Category Entertainment
Languages English / portuguese
Developer Pluto, Inc.
98.3% (530 Ratings)



Are you looking for a specific type of blog on which you can watch your favorite TV programs? Are you searching for a platform that gives you the leisure of streaming your favorite channel on a single broadcast? A great number of channels are streamlined for you on a single appearance as Pluto TV Apk is providing you with a remarkable interface.

You can enjoy all the tv channels and your most awaited programs on this single screen as a favorite watch out. This is the broadcasting of 24/7without having any pop up of any advertisement and is based on the theme of number of channels live on a single page of Pluto TV. 

User-Friendly Interface 

This application interface is very easy to use and has everything for you on a single screen. You can enjoy the screening at the top of the page and watch your favorite videos with detailed descriptions. It doesn’t matter which type of program you want to watch and which are not in the list of your interest, all-time favorite programs are being broadcast on this TV. 24/7 you can enjoy the streaming of your choice and can watch your favorite channel for you. 

Direct Broadcast from YouTube

You can browse different streams and can watch the number of channels which you want to enjoy. It is a broadcasting channel from YouTube directly and there is no break or pause, except all of this you are unable to watch your program when it has ended and a new program has started. Every time, you will find numerous options and channels which are customized for you on Pluto TV.

Variety of TV Programs

Pluto TV is a featured application on which you can browse your channel on your Android or iOS mobile gadget with forward and rewind option, you can save the show and can access recorded programs on the specific channel live. On this application, you can enjoy every genre of TV program like music, movie, theater, drama, fashion, news, and many others as per choice. It is a fully loaded TV application with unlimited programs of dozens of channels.   

Customized Experience After Registration

After getting registered with Pluto TV you can enjoy the customized experience and receive notification of flagging your favorite program broadcasting live. You can enjoy the streaming videos, aired on social media. By this your friends can also find out which program or channel you like the most and which is your favorite program.  

Outstanding Topographies of Pluto TV       

There are many built-in features in this remarkable application that is including quality points stated as below;

  • Same to Same Television Menus
  • Scheduled Programs are Broadcasted
  • A lot of Variety Program
  • Infinite Artist Playlist
  • Save and Search Programs and Channels
  • Create Playlist of Channels
  • Really an Interesting Free TV
  • Contents of all Tastes are Freely Available
  • Don’t Expect to watch Anything 


Pluto TV is a remarkable application that can give you entertainment with enjoyable programs of variety of channels on a single place. Thus, if you want to search the desired content for your leisure with your taste as the programs are symmetric and synchronized for you. The more interesting and excellent feature of this unique app is that you can screen out all the channels of your taste on a single page, but you can’t rewind the program as it is broadcasted on your own. You can save all the programs as it is included as unique feature for you.


Q. Are all programs free of Cost on Pluto TVApk?

Yes, all programs are free of cost on the Pluto TV, but you need registered for premium feature unlocking.

Q. Are all programs scheduled on Pluto TVApk?

Yes, all programs are scheduled on Pluto TV, but you can’t rewind the broadcasted program.


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