Caixa Tem Apk

Version v1.72.1
Android Version Android 4.3+
Category Finance
Languages English
Developer Caixa Econômica Federal
98.85% (521 Ratings)



Caixa tem apk is a Brazilian application which helps people to create online bank accounts without any problem. People of Brazil can enjoy many benefits of this application. Today, we will discuss the main and highlighted features of this application which help users to know everything about caixa tem apk. First of all, This application is not available in all regions.

User interface of this app is very elegant and easy to use. With this app, you can create bank accounts, take loans, pay bills etc. Without going anywhere, users can enjoy online shopping. If you are uncomfortable with the long procedures of banks then don't worry because now you have caixa tem apk. With this app, you can perform all your banking tasks on this application.

What is meant by caixa tem apk

Here is the standard version of this app that is called caixa tem apk. This application was created by Caixa Economica Federal. In this app, you can enjoy lots of features for free of cost. On this app, there are many features that are premium but luckily in this app, users can access all the pro items without spending any money.

You can do online shopping and the most important thing is that this app gives cash backs. Cash back is a really great feature of this app because it saves money. This app has high security and it does not contain any type of viruses and scams so all your money and items will be saved. Now suppose you are in trouble and need money then what will you do? Don't get panicked in such situations because now you can take loans without any delay.

What are the features of caixa tem apk

Easy to use

The best thing about this application is that you can enjoy free features. This app has a free UI so you don't need to spend money on it.

Pay bills

This application allows users to pay their electricity and other bills online using their account. You can pay bills worth up to 1,200$.

Take loans

If you are in an emergency situation and want money then caixa tem apk is here for you in your tough time. On this app, you can take loans immediately

Online shopping

Like paying bills, users can also do online shopping from their nearby grocery stores. This application is very amazing because it can solve your grocery problems too. Just buy your things and pay online using your caixa tem account.

Free to download

If you have no money and want to try this app then don't worry about the charges because you can download this app for free. In this app, no premium subscriptions are available which means all the features are freemium and accessible without any restrictions.

What's new in caixa tem apk

Betterment in interface

This application gets a daily update. It is used by millions of people and that's why developers never compromise on the UI of Caixa.

No ads interruptions

In some apps, ads are permanent but now on the caixa tem apk, users can run this application without any ads problem.

No bugs

This application is safe and secure. Recent updates of this app has cleared all the bugs and glitches from the app so you can now enjoy it without any worries.

Why get caixa tem apk

People love to use this online app because it gives so many outstanding features and does not demand any money. On this app, you can easily pay your bills and buy anything online which makes life easier and simpler. So if you belong to Brazil and want an easy way to pay bills and online shoppings then you must download caixa tem apk.

Method of download caixa tem apk

Click on our website and download the latest apk version of this application. After completing this process, you will go to your file manager and open the folder. After opening the folder, click on the application and install it.



It is a Great application for all those people who don't want to leave their comfort zones. Now you can pay your bills up to 1200$. Taking loans is also very easy on this app because on this app, you don't need to follow any lengthy procedure. So if you want this app in your smartphones then download it right now from our site.


Q. How much money is required to install caixa tem apk in my smartphone?

If you are interested in installing this app then you don't need money because this application is available to install for free of cost.

Q. Does caixa tem apk app support ads?

No! Fortunately in this application, users can use all the features without any interruption because ads are not available.


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