Taraftar TV APK

Version v4.1.0
Android Version Android 4.2+
Category News & Magazines
Languages English / Russian
Developer TE Bilişim
95.86% (555 Ratings)



Life is so dull without entertainment in life. Hence, we all must find some source of fun to keep us motivated and going in life. In the world of social media, we all look for an escape from usual activities. However, the best way to find a sweet escape is to watch something good.

Many apps allow you to browse your favorite tv show. However, you have to pay a handsome amount to watch the shows. Taraftar TV APK is a phenomenal application that allows you to have a good time and watch all Turkish shows.

You can download this app very easily by entering its name on Google play and merely installing it. However, one thing to take care of is the space on your phone. You require a little bit more space than usual on your phone to make this app work.

This app is a Turkish app with many shows, movies, and channels to skim through. We all know how amazing Turkish dramas are, and we all like to binge-watch them. It can be a hassle to find your favorite Turkish drama online.

When we watch something on Google, it buffers a lot, which can dampen our mood. However, Taraftar TV APK is seamless and no-show buffers on it for more than 10 seconds.

However, you must have a look at your internet speed if things are not moving faster. You can also create a separate list so that you can reach your favorite Turkish shows more quickly. Overall, the app is excellent, and you can do many things on the app to keep yourself entertained.

Child content

Most parents have a hard time taming their children and making them do stuff. It is essential to give your children a break and allow them entertainment time. Some parents do not let their children watch tv, as there is mostly adult content on television.

However, you can give yourself a good time without making them watch absurd things. The app has a different kid's section, where there are many cartoons that you can watch. Your child will not wander in the adult section as the app does not show such suggestions when child content is playing.

Adult content

The thing to appreciate about this app is that it has content for everyone. You can watch all kinds of dramas, movies, and shows on this app. This is a one-stop-shop for everything you possibly want to watch.

Another astonishing thing about this app is that you can watch your favorite dramas on the go. It downloads the drama you once watched so you can re-visit and watch your shows again. If you have your office at a long distance, you can keep yourself entertained through this app.

Easy to use

Some apps can be a little too complicated to understand. However, this app is straightforward, and there are separate categories for everything. It is annoying to keep scrolling through an entertainment app and not finding your type of shows. However, Taraftar has got you all covered. 

There are separate categories for each genre, and you can click on those categories to find out your type of show. This feature is excellent as it also allows you to explore different kinds of shows. You will get hooked to this application as it has a lot to offer to a user.

Live sports

Taraftar app is phenomenal as you do not have to buy a separate subscription for your television. You can also watch broadcast events when they air on television. You will not miss out on any sports, and you can watch them in peace.

If you have one TV in your house, then you know the struggle of watching sports. However, you do not have to sulk in the corner now because you have your TV in your pocket.


Q. What is the drawback of Taraftar TV APK?

The limitation of this app is the language barrier; this app only targets the Turkish audience.


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