Muviz Edge Apk

Version v1.9.1.0
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Personalization
Languages English
Developer Sparkine Labs
81.48% (27 Ratings)



Have you ever wished your phone could light up like a firework show? Imagine your screen edges dancing with colors and patterns, responding to your messages and music beats. It might sound like a dream, but with Muviz Edge APK, it's a vibrant reality. 

Get ready to discover an incredible way to jazz up your Android device in ways you never thought possible. There's so much we want to tell you about this app so don't waste anymore time and start reading this article on such an amazing app. You'll wonder how you did not know about this app till yet!

What's Muviz Edge APK?

Muviz Edge APK is an app that makes your screen edges shine with colorful lights. These lights can tell you when you have a message, and they even groove to your favorite songs. It's like a light show and a helpful buddy, all in one. It's equivalent to making your phone an entertainment buzz.

Best Features of Muviz Edge APK

Dynamic Edge Delight

The magic starts with dynamic edge lighting. When you get a message or an alert, the edges of your screen light up in different colors. It's like your phone is telling you, "Hey, something's up!"

Play with Colors

With Muviz Edge, you're the boss of colors. Pick any shade you like and watch your edges transform. Blue, green, pink, you name it!

Customized Themes

Fancy a bit of style? Choose from loads of themes to make your edges match your mood. From calm and cool to funky and fun, there's a theme for everyone.

Feel the Beat

Turn on some music, and watch your edges groove. They move in sync with the music, creating a mini dance party right on your screen.

Say Bye to Boredom

Even when your phone's asleep, the edges stay awake. They paint your screen with soothing colors and patterns, making your phone look like a piece of art.

Interactive Fun

Poke your screen, and the edges respond with excitement. They'll change color or do a little dance – it's a surprise every time!

Battery's BFF

You might worry about battery life, but Muviz Edge is smart. It doesn't drain your battery, so you can enjoy the magic without a worry.

Edge Clock

Never miss the time again. Your screen edges can turn into a clock, keeping you punctual and stylish.

Easy as ABC

Setting up Muviz Edge is as easy as saying ABC. The instructions are simple, and you'll be in the world of light in no time.

Dress Up Your Music

Let your music play and see the edges come to life. They jump and sway with the rhythm, making your music experience even cooler.

Privacy Matters

Worried about private messages showing on your edges? Don't be! You can hide them so only you know what's going on.

Play with Speed

Like things fast or slow? You can control how quickly the edges change. It's like having your very own speed remote.

Works with Everyone

No matter what kind of Android phone you have, Muviz Edge wants to be your friend. It works with lots of different phones.

Updates Galore

The makers of Muviz Edge love to keep things fresh. They make sure the app works smoothly with the newest Android versions.

Gestures are Cool

Swipe and tap – that's all you need to control your magical edges. It's like your phone can understand your secret hand language.

New Features in Muviz Edge APK

More Phones, More Fun

The new version works with even more types of Android phones, so more people can join the light party.

Fancier Animations

Get ready for animations that are even cooler. Your edges will move in ways you've never seen before.

Meet the Edge Clock

There's a new trick up the app's sleeve. Your edges can turn into a clock, so you're always in the know.

Saver of Batteries

The latest version is like a battery superhero. It keeps the magic alive without gobbling up all your power.

Easy as Pie

The new interface is super easy to use. It's like a piece of pie – simple and satisfying.

Why Get Muviz Edge APK?

Muviz Edge APK is like having a rainbow in your pocket. It makes your phone feel alive and exciting, and it's not just about looking good. It's practical too! With edge lighting, you'll never miss an important message, and your music will feel more alive than ever. Plus, it's so easy to set up and use that you'll wonder why you didn't discover it sooner.

In Conclusion

Muviz Edge APK is a celebration of colors, music, and style that turns your ordinary Android device into something extraordinary. With dynamic edge lighting, customizable themes, and the ability to groove to your favorite tunes, Muviz Edge is a must-have for anyone who wants to add a touch of magic to their phone. So, why settle for a boring screen when you can light up your world with Muviz Edge? Get ready to shine and download this amazing app now!


Q. Can I make the edges show my favorite color in muviz edge apk?

Yes, absolutely! You can pick any color you love from a rainbow of choices.

Q. Does muviz edge apk eat up my battery?

No worries there. Muviz Edge is designed to be gentle on your battery, so you can enjoy the magic without a drained phone.


Muviz Edge ApkMuviz Edge ApkMuviz Edge Apk