Poparazzi Apk

Version v1.1
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Photography
Languages English
Developer Onesero infotech
99.35% (770 Ratings)



The Poparazzi APK is an advanced latest app which provides you to take pictures in a stylish way. It has some amazing characteristics which can make your photo distinctive from other camera applications and it has a single interface or port. You can send or receive your pictures with your family and buddies because this application connects you with social media.

You can be the paparazzi of your family and buddies because this is the latest photo-sharing hub. By taking photos you can make your profile picture by using paparazzi and you can also make the profile of anyone by clicking the photo on paparazzi.

About Poparazzi APK

Poparazzi APK is very unique, amazing and popular which induces us to share pictures of our family or friends, in this way you can create a poparazzi group. Interestingly, you can’t take any pictures with the front camera which means that you are not able to share your selfies, this interesting feature is all about paparazzi social media.
When you upload and allow your profile picture on poparazzi you can take pictures of anyone except yourself. Poparazzi APK is a sharing application of photos and memes of your friends etc. if your friends share any picture of yours with you at poparazzi social media hub then these pictures become more visible and prominent, all these pictures are stored in a secondary tab in which you are present. Genuinely poparazzi enable you to make and share pictures of your friends and family.


There are many interesting and most valuable features of Poparazzi APK are following which make it very popular.


Poparazzi is a very interesting and picture sharing application by using this you can make profiles of your friends and anyone you want. But the most important thing is that poparazzi does not tolerate blackmail or distraction by applying the wrong name etc. So keep the paparazzi true.


You can send or receive your photo and your friend's photos from anywhere. You should be nice to everyone and you can nicely treat anyone as you want, but bullying can’t be tolerated in any condition.

Nudity and Impurity

Poparazzi APK does not allow you to send or receive any nude pictures and videos or any sexual material. If anyone is reported a case of sexual content then it will be blocked and kicked out from the paparazzi permanently.

Take all the moment on your phone

By using this app you can capture all the memorable moments of your friend, family and anyone you want on your phone and also add some funny and nice titles or descriptions to the photos and videos. You can make your daily life events more memorable and interesting with the help of a poparazzi.

Have fun with friends

You can click any photo and upload it as your story and also you can share it with your friends. Even you can send or upload these pictures directly to other social media applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The main feature of this is that if you send any photo or video to your friend this will last for 24 hours, then it will have vanished permanently. Paparazzi is full of fun and entertainment and it is also completely free.


Paparazzi gives you a chance to take photos and shots and also share your collection on your profile, this is totally safe and private anyone can not watch this content without your desire. And also you should not worry about to block regarding your pictures because this app is created in such a way the creator can’t see any type of picture. This application is end to end encrypted.

Like a camera

Paparazzi work as a camera, by using it you can take any type of photos of your friends and your family as you want. It is an advanced and latest type of camera application, you capture photos of anyone secretly. It proceeds to record with the help of your phone’s back camera, this works automatically when it detects a face when you open the poparazzi app. When your friend watches the poparazzi shots and pictures then they will be wondered and have fun.

Entertaining and social:

Poparazzi is one of these social media apps where you and your friends feel free and easy to share another pretty and funny picture. By using this you will become the star of your show. All the features of poparazzi are positive and entertaining without any followers, likes and comments.

Protect the community

If anyone uploaded your photo that you don’t like but this picture does not induce to break or violate the community guidelines, you can remove this simply. And if you received any violated content then you report it to remove this type of content.

How to Install & Download

You can download Poparazzi APK by tapping the download button.

To install Poparazzi APK, find the download folder or notification bar and click on the downloaded icon of Poparazzi APK.

When the installation process will complete the Poparazzi APK icon shown on your mobile home screen, click the app icon to use it.


Poparazzi APK permits you to take photos, make your own videos, and also allows you to edit and modify your pictures as you want. You can upload these photos and videos on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media apps as your story or profile. This application really creates your pictures very fantastic and superb which are appreciated among friends, colleagues and family.
Most interestingly, now this is available for iPhone users all across the world.


Q. What is Poparazzi APK?

It is developed by paparazzi and Poparazzi APK is the latest and updated version of the official paparazzi.

Q. Q: Why did you make Poparazzi?

I just wanted something like it, and I have no choice which worked as I need. Then I realize to create my own and share this with the world.


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