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Version v6.0.1
Android Version 7.0 and up
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Languages English
Developer Autodesk Inc.
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AutoCAD Apk is CAD(Computer-Aided Design) software that is used for creating construction models, electric diagrams, drawings and much more with perfection in 3D as well as 2D dimensions. 

This app allows the users to create as well as edit different digital drawings, electric diagrams and models of different constructions which are far better & faster than those traditional models and drawings made by hand.To construct different buildings & architectures, first of all, a sketch, drawing or dummy model is made to illustrate it and construct it accordingly. 

Traditionally these sketches, drawings and architecture construction models were made by the human hands with pencil paper or any other model constructing material. But with the technological revolution in all fields of life, automated Computer-Aided Design(CAD) software has been developed which is one of the essential subjects in architectural and civil engineering.

This AutoCAD apk brings those features for your android mobile which were initially used in CAD software designed for a desktop. Though one could not enjoy all those desktop features but still there is plenty of features offered to mobile users by this app. They can edit, create, and draw digital automated 2D & 3D sketches, drawings and models.

Features of AutoCAD Apk

This app is the mobile version of one of the most amazing and essential assets in the field of construction, architectures and civil engineering the AutoCAD software. So this app has a lot of responsibilities on its shoulders and encloses plenty of amazing features to do its duties. Some of the most eye-catching features that a user can enjoy on this mobile application are as follows.

View, Draw, Edit & Design DWG Files

DWG is actually short for Drawing. DWG files are those files which enclose different drawings or sketches. This app allows android users to open & view different sorts of DWG files. They can create their own sketches & drawings for different architectural & construction purposes and can save these sketches & drawings as DWG files to their storge.Moreover, they can edit different DWG files created by this app or any other DWG file easily. The app allows making as many changes to a file as you want.

Multilayer Drawing & Designing

Wanna design a sketch or drawing for multi-story mega construction. This app offers a multi-layer feature to draw and edit you in more than one layer to create an elaborative megastructure.

2D & 3D Designs and Drawings

The user can create architecture & construction models in 2D as well as 3D dimensions to give the best and most expressive design & sketch of your creations with this app. The multilayer creating and editing feature assists a lot in making 3D & 2D creations.

Construct Models

If you wanna construct a 3D model of a building or architectural body, then this app also assist you to do so. The app allows you to add & bring in different elements to your creations that are necessary to create your desired models.

Luxury of Cross-Platform Work

The users can work across different platforms. They can save their creations & DWG files in OneDrive, GoogleDrive or their device storage. These files can be then easily used to work on a desktop or any other platform which enables you to work across different platforms.

Feedback & Assists

This app is a go-to place for a huge number of engineers, architects and AutoCAD experts. So when you create different models, drawings or sketches you can keep the publicly keeping the feedback option on. This will assist you to get feedback from those AutoCAD experts and users about your creations. This will assist you to improve a particular part of your drawing or model. Once you are satisfied with your creation you can instantly archive it & save it.

File Saving

Once you have created your digital 3D or 2D creation and have done it with others’ feedback, you just archive it and save it on your device storage as well as SD card storage. Moreover, users can use cloud storage to save the files. These files can easily be downloaded again on mobile as well as desktop.

User Interface & Control

This app has a very easy-to-use interface which has all the commands designed in a well-organized manner and can be accessed easily. While editing or creating a file all annotate commands are on the right side in a toolbar. Below the editing face, there are commands like the text to add to specify a place, new trace, Revcloud and a few others. At the top of the interface the option to upload or save a file, redo or undo a change made, adjust the editing area according to screen, direct print button and a few others.

Offline Work

This app also allows the users to work online as well as offline. If you wanna save the files to clouds service and want to use different online elements as well as be willing to do it publicly to get their feedback then you have to be online to do that. If you are willing to draw simple sketches & models and save them into device storage then there is no need for an internet connection and you can work offline.

Download & Installation

To download  & install this amazing app on your android device  just follow these steps:

  • Click the download button given below. This will redirect you to another page containing the download button.
  • Click the download button to initiate the download process. The file is of a larger size and may take a few minutes to download.
  • As the download completes, open the main setting of the device and go to the Security tab.
  • Turn on the installation of apps from an unknown source if it is turned off.
  • Now open the downloaded file from the download manager and click on the install button.


If you are an architect, civil engineer, AutoCAD expert, AutoCAD student, drafter, or a constructor then you must have this amazing app to use all the features of AutoCAD software on your mobile. The app allows you to edit, view, draw, and create different DWG files and architectural and construction models in a 2D or 3D dimension.Moreover, the app assists you to work online as well as offline. You can sync your AutoCAD account to work across different platforms. The feedback option & comments of experts not just improves your creations on this app but also your overall AutoCAD skills. So grab the app now and keep your work on the go with this multi-features assisting asset.


Q. Does this app contain any premium features?

Yes, this app does contain a lot of premium features in addition to free features. But still, this allows the users for seven days with a free seven days trial.

Q. Is this app compatible with iOS devices?

No, it is only designed for android devices and is not compatible with iOS devices.


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