Zarchiver Apk

Version v1.0.2
Android Version Android 6.0+
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer ZDevs
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Zarchiver is one of the most popular archive managing tool with tons of great features. It is the best archive and file managing app where you can easily manage your files and extract archive files without hassle. The user interface of this app is so brilliant that anyone can easily understand the usage of it. There are lots of archive formats which is fully supported by this app. You can create and decompression any archive format through this powerful app. Manage your files and extract protected files without password. It is a safe app to use because it does not ask for internet connectivity for sharing data.

What is meant by Zarchiver Apk?

Zarchiver is an amazing and one of the best archiver tool to create, compress and decompress archive files. You can easily get this app on your device as it is freely available. This app has great functional interface with lots of easy features. You can easily manage your files and extract files wherever you want in your device. It does not ask for any unusual permissions which means that it is safe and secure that is why millions of people trust this app. It allows you to view all types of archive files in your device and it is powerful enough to decompress and compress all files without hassle. You cannot only extract and decompress files but also can open them and view them easily.

What are the features of Zarchiver Apk?

It has some incredible features which we will discuss below.

Functional Interface

Zarchiver is an awesome archive managing tool with incredible and functional user interface. It has high optimization interface that you can smoothly explore all the tabs and features of this app on your device. It allows you to edit and view archive files.

Create Archive Types

You can create all type of archive files through this app. There are lots of different archive file formats including 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, lz4, tar, zst (zstd) and more. These all are highly supported by this app.

Decompress Archives

This archive tool is best for decompressing archive files. You can easily extract and decompress these files into your device and can save them anywhere in your directory. This app is great and compatible to decompress all types of archives.

Absolutely Free to Download

Zarchiver app is an absolute free tool which you can download on your android device. It is available on our site and you can also get it from google play store. It also has a feature for partial archive decompression. There are some premium features which you can buy with real money.

Secure and Safe

It is highly safe and secure app because it does not ask for any unusual permissions. It only asks for file managing permission which is necessary for archive compressor. Use this app without internet connection and avail features anytime and anywhere.

Manage Files Easily

You cannot only decompress, create or compress archive files but also can manage your files within the app. It has a built-in file manager where you can edit, view and explore all the files in your device.

What’s new in Zarchiver Apk?

High Compatibility

Zarchiver is a highly compatible app and you can download in on any android version. It supports Android 13 with all features. It runs smoothly on low-end android devices.

Regular Improvements

The developers of this app regularly update it for better improvement and smoothness. There were some minor bugs which are now fixed in the latest update.

Multi-part Archiver

You can also decompress multi-part archive files and can also combine them into one single big file.

Why download Zarchiver Apk?

Zarchiver is a tool which let you decompress all types of archive files. You can easily decompress all type of archive formats. It is a safe app and does not require internet connection. It is free to download and has some in-app pro features. It gets regular updates for better performance and user experience.


Zarchiver is a free app to manage files and decompress archives easily on your device. You can get it on your device and create, compress and decompress all archive types without hassle. It has file manager which allows you to manage your files efficiently.


Q. Is Zarchiver Apk safe to download?

Yes, this archive managing app completely safe and secure to download. You can enjoy using all the features of this app. This app does not share your personal information with anyone.

Q. How to get Zarchiver Apk free on android device?

If you want to get this app for free then visit our site and install it in your device. You can also get it from google play store but our site has the latest version of it.


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