Flash Party APK

Version v0.8.6.45653
Android Version Android 4.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Paegelow
95.53% (626 Ratings)



Most mobile users are addicted to playing games on mobile. There are millions of games offered by different platforms on the internet. Among all these games battling and fight games are enjoying peak popularity from day one. I’m also going to introduce you to a game of this category. I hope for those who love fighting games, this will be a really special gift.

Flash Party APK is a one-on-one battle game that has many similarities with smash bros classic game. You have to fight a one-on-one battle with an enemy. You have to knock out your enemy by decreasing his power by damaging him with your various fight attacks. You must avoid the attacks of your opponent to secure your life power to stay in the game.

Flash Party offers plenty of game characters to choose from. This game also includes fights with live characters from all over the world. So you can add your friends to the game and can enjoy the flash party fight against your buddies. Attack with kicks & punches as well as defend against the opponent’s attack with, jumping, bending down, distracting the opponent, and crouching.


Gameplay is simple and easy to understand. Initially, you have to choose a game character from available characters. After choosing the character the fight begins with your rival. It is a one-on-one fight. Both you and your opponent are given a health bar. You have to keep an eye on the health bars for both. Between the health bar, there is a timer.

If you attack the opponent his health bar will go on to decrease with every punch or kick. Similarly, if you got hit by the opponent's punch or kick your health bar will be decreased. The players whose health bar is dissipated earlier are killed and knocked out of the battle. The time is also very crucial. If time ends but both players are alive then the player with the better health bar is declared the winner.

Features of Flash Party APK

The game is developed with the inspiration of Smash bros classic fighting game and has much similar gameplay and features. But still, this game has plenty of unique features. Here we will put a glance at a few of its amazing features.

Fighting Arena
This game took the arena fighting to new heights by introducing a floating arena. This game offers plenty of fighting arenas with different battlegrounds and backgrounds. The game also allows you to change the backgrounds and wallpapers of the arena.

Game Character

This game offers plenty of exciting and skillful game characters to choose from. The battlefield of the arena is auto-adjusted according to the actions launched by the players and movements made by one or both players. These game characters have different fighting skills and special powers.

Characters not just vary in their fighting skills but also vary in genders and ages. The most famous and hugely liked game characters of this game include Mario, Sivi, Pokemon, Kirby, and many more. The young girl Sophia with electricity emitting sword, snowball hitting character Mikko the Snowman, the magician, and plenty of more characters to try in the Flash Party.

Fight Against Friends

This game does not just allow you to play against an automated system-operated dummy but you can also add your friends by adding them to the game. You can also try your fighting skills against other players all around the globe.

Graphics & Sounds

The high-quality automated graphics with amazing visuals and explosive sound & light effects make the Flash Party a real fun party. The light effects when opponents hit each other, the rotation of graphics, and distance adjustment with the movement of players add to the graphics.

Sound effects of punches, kicks, or combo actions are amazing and enhance the joy of the fight. Moreover, background music is also there to enhance the thrill and charms of the fight.

Interface & Controls

The interface of the game is very simple with all controls arranged in a simple manner. If you wanna make a high jump, simply swipe the screen forward or backward twice to make a jump. To make a slide just swipe the screen in an arc towards the left.

The joystick is also there at the right side of the interface for the multi-directional movement of your game hero. On the right side of the screen, there are buttons for different attacks such as punch, sky kick, flying kick, snowball, electricity attack, fire, etc.

Explore the Places

The players can explore new places in different cities. These places include pubs, bars, discos, etc.

Stars & Leaderboard

Each fight victory earns you stars and points. You can use these points to upgrade your game hero and improve his fighting skills. You can try different outfits for your hero. The more victories earn you the more ranking points and put you on top of the leaderboard.

Keep an Eye on Friend’s Performance

You can keep an eye on what your friends are doing in the game. You can check position of your friends on the leaderboard as well as you can watch the battle results of your friends as they finish their respective battles.

Free of Cost

This game does not cost anything to the gamer. You can download and play it without paying any penny.

Secure to Download

This game is free from all sorts of viruses & bugs. So feel safe for your device in grabbing this fight saga.

Download & Installation

Click on the download button decorated in this article. As soon the apk file is downloaded, open your device setting. Open the security tab in the setting menu and activate the unknown source installation. Now open the downloaded apk file of this game. Click on the install button. Open the game and allow the access asked by the game. Register yourself and set up your account to get going.


Flash Party Apk is inspired and designed after Smash bros. It is an ultimate fighting experience in floating arenas, with high-quality auto-adjusted graphics, amazing sound effects, and plenty of unique characters with their own uniqueness in fighting styles and weapons. Setup a fight against your buddies to enhance your gaming experience. Fight against the pro players from all across the world. So grab the game and keep your fun party on the go.


Q. Does this game have a multiple-player fight?

No, this game offers only one-on-one fights.

Q. Does this game contain annoying ads?

No, this game does not contain ads at all.


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