GTA: Liberty City Stories

Version Latest Version v2.4.281
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer Rockstar games
78.24% (6668 Ratings)



Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is a third person and open world game on android. It is the most famous third person shooting game. A great adventure game with tons of great missions and endless opportunities. It is highly optimized for android device for better performance and experience.

It has great and newly high resolution texture 3D graphics. Character art is just amazing and more enhanced. Visuals effects and detailing of this game is stunning and make it more realistic and interesting. Everything in this game is based on real physics. It has rebalanced controls for great gaming experience.

Explore the whole Liberty city in the game. Drive tons of great cars and roam the city. Break rules in the game and make gangs. Fight with other bad people and kill them with weapons. Steal cars from public and drive through the streets of Liberty City. There are so many great weapons available in this game.

Buy weapons including revolver, rifle, sniper guns, machine guns, bazooka, grenade and more. Choose any weapon and start killing bad people in the game. Complete the streamlined mission in the game if you want to understand the story of the game. Tons of great and difficult missions available.

It has now enhanced raw distance feature for better texture quality. Choose different control settings easily within the game. Game interface is perfect for small screen devices. It also supports physical controller. Play this game without internet connection. Explore city and find mysterious places in the game.

Defeat the bosses of criminal gangs and bring the city under one family control. Kill people and get money. Rob different shops with your gang and earn money. Buy houses to save your progress in the game. Kill corrupt politicians and rule the city.


Q. What is the size of this game?

It is a huge game and covers around 1.5 GB in device’s storage. You need to clear space if you want to download and install this game without any problem.

Q. Can I play this game without internet?

Yes, you can play this game without internet. No internet connection is needed and you can play it anywhere and anytime you want.

Q. Is it free to download and play?

No, this game is not free on google play store but if you want to play this game without paying, then download the Apk and Obb file of this game install it in your device.


GTA: Liberty City StoriesGTA: Liberty City StoriesGTA: Liberty City StoriesGTA: Liberty City Stories



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