Stumble Guys Apk

Version v0.37
Android Version 5.1 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Kitka Games
97.7% (565 Ratings)



Today, almost everyone spends most of his time on a mobile, laptop, or tablet. Sometimes people use them for business or work purposes, and in their spare time, they use mobile or tablets for fun and entertainment. some people kill their free time by watching movies or on social media. A large number of people also love to play games on a mobile, tablet, or PC.

A huge number of games are available in plenty of categories on plenty of platforms. Many of these game categories have established great fame. Racing and action games also fall into categories of great fame and craze. Many video gaming lovers have a great craze for these categories of games. This game also belongs to these famous categories of games. It is inspired and designed after Great Fall Guys.

Stumble Guys Apk is an action-packed game that is the combo of those both categories in which a player faces an action-packed race with 32 players to cross all the hurdles in a fun battle. These 32 players battle for victory by fulfilling three challenges in each round. In each round player’s goal remain to reach the final line by avoiding all hurdles coming in the way. These hurdles may include wrecking balls, snowballs, rotating doors, etc.

Basic Theme of Gameplay

It is an online fun party, in which  32 contestants race for victory. Players have to overcome the obstacles hindered by the game. The falling player in order to cross any obstacles results in his knockout from the game. So you have to stick to the basics and try to keep yourself in the game by clearing all the obstacles set in each level of the game and each round of a level.

Overcome the challenge of hurdling obstacles, be in the game, knock out your opponent, and stand tall towards the end to win the competition. You can also enjoy this blast of fun with real-life friends by inviting them to the game.

Main Features of The Game

This game is designed after Great Fall Guys( a game of great fame and popularity). Like the original one, this clone is also full of amazing features. let's have a look at Some of its exciting fun features.

Graphics & visuals

Colorful charming graphics and eyecatching visuals make the gameplay very satisfying for the gamers. Beautiful backgrounds and astonishing landscapes add to the graphics. All these colors

and charms in the liquid flow graphics of the game make the gameplay a fun blast.


Simple controls of the game make it so easier to play that even kids can play that game easily. Controls include a joystick that is virtual and is to move your game character in directions. The jump button is also there to jump over the hurdles. If you jumped once with the jump button and are in the air, you can advance forward and more up in the air by tapping the jump button again. The double jump helps to overcome a bigger or further obstacle.

Fierce Competition

As I mentioned earlier that this is a  multiplayer online fun battle. The number of players and style of competition make the competition very fierce. Initially, 32 players take part in the competition which is decreased to half by the end of each round.

The gameplay does not involve any sort of fighting with other players to make them fall, rather gameplay has plenty of pitfalls that make you fall. So march towards the victory slowly and carefully rather than run fastly and unconsciously. So overcome as many hurdles as you can to earn more and more ranking points. The more ranking points you have, the higher you will be enrolled on the gold board. You can use this gold for the customization of your game character.


Win as many ranking points as you can and be at heights in the gold list. Gold won by you in the game can be used for your character customization. The game character given to players is initially a young character wearing a t-shirt & hat. But with the gold, you can customize your character in the game by giving him new hairstyles, clothes, outfits, skin, and much more.

Secure & Free

The security of the user's devices and privacy is our priority. The game is 100% safe as it is protected by google play verification and is free of cost. It does not cost you anything either to download or to use its features. Though there are some of its features that are locked, you can unlock them with gold won by you in the game.

Ads Free

Keep your online fun party with buddies on the go, as no annoying ads would hinder your fun battle.

Download & Install

As the game has got verification from the play store, be cent percent sure of its security & privacy and grab this amazing fun package from here. Once you have snapped the apk file for the game, go to setting, allow installation from unknown sources in the setting menu, return to apk file downloaded for the game, open it, tap on install, and wrap up the installation set up.


I’ll wrap up the article with these lines, in the gaming world, there are many types of games to enjoy but this one is really special. The amazing colorful graphics, visuals and landscapes, knockout style of the game, various types of obstacle crossing challenges, and also to overcome obstacles faster than the other players make it a really fun battle.

So download this royale fun battle, invite your buddies,  and start a real fun party. I bet once you play it, you will love it. So just give it a try once.


Q. Is there any squad mode of gameplay?

Though it is a multiplayer game and allows you to invite your buddies there is no squad formatting option in the game, rather you have to compete with your invited buddies.

Q. Can I play this on my iPhone?

This game is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets only and is not supported by iPhones.


Stumble Guys ApkStumble Guys ApkStumble Guys ApkStumble Guys ApkStumble Guys Apk