Baby Manor APK

Version v1.38.0
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Casual
Languages English
99.81% (535 Ratings)



This is a funfilled puzzle game which involves different puzzles to solve, rearing the child and decorating your home in a perfect way. This game has a very engaging storyline, interesting gameplay and exquisite graphics.Puzzle games & home maintaining simulations are making a great mark in the gaming world. This game is a super combo of puzzle games, home maintaining simulation as well as child-rearing. This game also improves your real-life skills of maintaining your home and rearing your child.Very immersive gameplay with an interesting storyline including a variety of household tasks and plenty of puzzles to solve make it a complete entertainment package that never lets your entertainment down. This game is developed especially for children but is also very popular with people of all age categorie.

Storyline & Gameplay

This game has very addictive gameplay with an immersive and interesting storyline. Though the game is based on decorating a home for the family and rearing a child Sarah the basic feature of the game is puzzle solving. This game offers hundreds of different kinds of puzzles with increasing difficulty with each clearing level.These puzzles earn you a lot of rewards which you use to decorate the kitchen, hall, rooms and all other parts of the room to make it liveable for Sarah’s family. This home matters a lot for that family because it includes precious memories of Sarah’s mother & father. Once you decorate it Sarah’s father along with his wife & Sarah will come to live in this home. Here now you will work to maintain the decoration & needs of the home as well as for the rearing of Sarah.

Features of The Game

This game is a combo of puzzle games & home maintaining simulation and includes a variety of features. Let's go through some important ones here.

Hundreds of Puzzles to Overcome

Puzzle solving is the basic feature of this game. This game has a huge number of different kinds of puzzles including 3 match puzzles as well as many other brain-testing puzzles. These puzzles not just have vast variety but also have increasing difficulty.Just go on to clear as many levels as you can with your gaming expertise. These wins will earn you a lot of rewards for your puzzle-solving adventure as well as for rearing a child & decorating a home.The only difficulty you will face in puzzle solving is that you are restricted to very play in this puzzle so you have to match carefully to get the best out of the puzzle.

Renovation of Home

As you have to make the home liveable for a family, you must renovate this old home with modern appliances, beautiful colours and advanced home accessories. Get kitchen appliances, furniture, swings & slides for baby, chairs for hall & lawn, give different colours for walls and home and make the home perfect for the family.

Baby Rearing

In matching puzzles you have to collect those baby requirements including dresses as well as other things of baby needs. You will have to guess the situation of the baby and appearing on screen and fulfil its needs.For instance, if the baby is crying, it may be because she’s hungry then you should feed her with milk. If the baby is not dressed and appears on the screen, it means you have to dress her up. Similarly, you have to take care of all the other needs of the baby in different situations.

Beautiful Family Moments

Family members have feelings for each other and family memories are very special. You also try to create awesome memories and amazing moments with your family.For Instance, if Sarah is sick then you have to take care of the baby very well and should arrange things that help the baby to recover quickly. Sarah’s father Bobby has also a beautiful wife so he has to take care of her. Give her time when Sarah is playing or sleeping. Bobby should make some unforgettable romantic moments with his wife that he could remember forever.This fact of the game not just helps you to live better with your family in real life but also gives you tips to make family relations stronger. It is actually not a home maintenance simulation but also helps to build a strong family.

Realistic Colorful Graphics & Sound Effects

This game offers very high-quality colourful and amazing game graphics that make you & your kids very engaged with the game. 3D animation visuals with a realistic animated environment make you very immersed in the game.Sound effects always add to the joy of a game. This game includes very pleasing background music and very relating sound effects that make your day with the game.

Free of Cost

Despite being a standout entertainment package for gaming lovers of all age categories, this game does not a penny for downloading or playing it.


Android users, as well as iOS users, can enjoy this amazing simulation plus puzzle combo on their respective devices including mobiles, tablets, iPads etc.

Secure for Device

The presence of the app in Apple’s official store for iOS users and Google’s Play Store for Android users plus millions of players playing the game in the world suggest how secure this game is for your device.

Download & Installation

This game is available for iOS users on the app gallery of the Apple store while android users can get this exciting and funfilled combo of simulation & puzzle from the Google Play Store as well as from our page.To get the game for your android from Playstore just type ‘Baby Manor’ in the search bar of Playstore & tap on the green coloured install button to get it installed on your android.While to grab this game from this page, just go on to tap the download button included on this page to get things going. Once you have completed the download process for the game file, just open it and complete the installation with a simple tap on the install option included in the file.If the unknown source installation toggle is switched off in your device setting then switch it on from the setting before installing the game.


This game is perfect for simulation and puzzle lovers of all age categories. Get the game now and join the extreme fun of decorating a home, clear different puzzle levels, renovating the home, taking care of your family, growing your baby and learning other household and home maintaining aspects that are also very useful in real life as well.



Q. Does Baby Manor contain Ads?

Yes, it does contain ads.

Q. Are there any sorts of in-app purchases in Baby manor?

Yes, this game does contain in-app purchases.


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