Farming Simulator 20

Version v0.0.0.62
Android Version Android 7.0
Category Simulators
Languages English / Russian
Developer GIANTS Software
93.41% (941 Ratings)



Farming Simulator 20 is a farming simulation video game being part of one of the most famous farm games series on the market. This game requires the player to step into the exciting world of farming.

This game features a complete simulation of farming processes within the game. The player has to harvest many different crops, take care of their livestock of sheep, pigs and cows as well as explore the huge land and ride their horses. Trade products for money in the lively market to build their farm by including machinery and expanding the farm land.

This simulation has more than hundred realistic vehicles and tools installed in order to use them on the farm, these included machinery are a creation of biggest agriculture machine makers. The player can plant and harvest different types of crops such as barley, oats, soybean, corn, potatoes, canola and more crops.

The player has to feed cows and sheep to produce wool as well as milk and sell it in the market to earn money. The player has to take care of the horses and can use these to ride and then explore the farm freely without a hassle.

This game has new 3D graphics that showcases every single detail of machinery and the Northern American environment also features a cockpit view that allows driving the vehicles in a more realistic and natural way in the areas and farms of the Northern America and also includes other farming activities for the players to enjoy.


Q. In what category does this fall into?

This is a farming simulation game with a lot of challenges.

Q. Can i access this game through Google play?

This game is available on Google play.

Q. Is this a multi-action gameplay?

No, this is a single player game.

Q. Is this game available for free?

Yes, this game is free to download.


Farming Simulator 20Farming Simulator 20Farming Simulator 20Farming Simulator 20Farming Simulator 20Farming Simulator 20