10 best document scanner apps

10 Best Document Scanner Apps

Mobile phones are useful for multiple reasons. We can get access to the whole world with the help of a smartphone. There are so many applications which are supported by the smartphones which could complete a long task in a few seconds.

Documents scanners are a very useful thing because they can help anyone scan their documents anytime to convert them into a digital PDF form.

There are a number of tasks which could be carried out with the help of a document scanner such as getting the PDF format of any paper, scanning the receipts for the taxes, and then scanning any form for email.

When it comes to the Android system, there are so many brilliant document scanners apps which can provide a lot of benefits to the users. Here is a list of top 10 best documents scanners which are available on Google play store to download.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the best document scanners for the Android users. It is absolutely free to download from the Google play store. You can scan the receipts, documents and any important papers you want.

The scanned documents could be further shared with the people over social media, email or it can be directly sent to the cloud or drive. The scanned documents could also be converted into PDF.

Clear Scan

Clear Scan is another good document scanner for the Android smartphones. This one comes in 2 categories. It has a free, plus a paid version which costs $2.49 to get the premium features unlocked.

It is a lightweight document scanner which also supports the clouds and drives such as OneDrive, Google drive and Dropbox. There is also an option to convert the JPEG and PDF formats.

There are some other editing and organizing features in this application which make this application quite worthy of downloading. It is fast, and very effective to scan different documents.

Clear Scan

Genius Scan

The genius scan is another Android scanner app which has many editing and scanning features. It is good for scanning documents and sending them to the desired people.

This application also allows you to scan the whiteboard, school notes and so many other things. This application has very nice editing tools which will allow the users to edit their scanned documents.

It is available for free, but it has a premium version too which comes with some extra features. The paid version costs $7.99 which is a one time purchase, after which users can enjoy all the premium features.

Genius Scan


CamScanner is another popular document scanner for the Android smartphones. This document scanner also includes the exporting option in JPEG and PDF formats.

Other than this, it has additional editing tools and collaborative features. It also supports the Google drive, OneDrive, Cloud and Dropbox to share or save the files.

Users can print the scanned documents with the help of printing fax or any printers attached. It is a free of cost document scanner, but it also comes in a paid version. It costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.


Document Scanner

The document scanner is an all-in-one application which provides the scanning of documents, OCR support, PDF conversion, and so much more.

It also has an image support, and QR code scanner. It has so many features for those who regularly use document scanners to scan their documents. There is a flashlight feature too in this application which could be turned on while taking any document's picture in low light.

The document scanner is absolutely free while it also comes with a paid version. This paid version costs $10.99 for a one time purchase.

Fast Scanner

The fast scanner is another free and suitable document scanner which comes with all the typical features. It provides cloud printing so you can print digital documents.

It also allows the users to scan many documents anday but there is a little restriction with the number of documents. The paid version removed this restriction in only $2.99 after which users can scan unlimited documents.

Microsoft Office Lens

The Microsoft Office Lens is also a great document scanner which is available for free. It provides a high quality document scanning facility in which you can scan the notes, whiteboards, receipts and anything in a great quality.

There are many other editing tools available in this application. This app is available in many other languages such as Chinese, English, German and Spanish. You can get it from Google play store for your convenience.

Microsoft Office Lens

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a very useful document scanner which supports a lot of formats. The developers of this application also designed a fax application so that the users can also print their scanned documents.

This application is available in two versions, one is free and the other one is paid which costs $4.99. It scans all types of documents and provides a free clean and clear scanned copy of those documents.


TurboScan contains all the basic features which are needed by any document scanner. This document scanner performs the similar features such as scanning the documents and other objects such as the notes, whiteboards, receipts, notice boards and so much more.

It is perfect for the studies and business purposes. It costs $4.99 for a one time purchase if you need extra and advanced editing features in this document scanner. Otherwise this application is also available for free. It could be downloaded from the Google play store without paying any type of cost.


ScanBot is the most powerful and top document scanner for the Android users because it comes with countless features and functions. It scans all the documents and provides with the best results.

It is free but there are some in app purchases which are necessary to get better features. Those who don't want to buy those features but get all at once, they can pay $24.99 per year to get all the features unlocked.