15 best free Android games available right now!

15 Best Free Android Games Available Right Now!

We know that there are tons of Android games which are free to play and some of them are not really free to play completely. Most of the free games have in-game paid content which you must buy to complete the story of game. However, in this game article, we have the best free Android games that you should be able to play without worrying about the paid content within them. If you want to download the free android games without any in-game purchases, then we also provide the link to these games. Let’s dive into it.

Alto’s Odyssey

PRICE: Free to Play

Alto’s Odyssey is a popular and free android game. It has stunning graphics with simple mechanism. It has awesome relaxing style with great theme. Gameplay is great and challenging. Player ski down a mountain while avoiding hurdles and obstacles. Make massive jumps to cross obstacles. Collect useful items which you can trade in for customization options. The game delivers very high photorealistic graphics with stunning detailing. The game is completely free of cost and you will not see much advertisements while playing the game. This game has in-game items which is completely optional and you can buy if you want them. Noodlecake Studio has another hit game called “Alto’s Adventure”.


Asphalt 9: Legends

PRICE: Free to Play

Asphalt 9: Legends is the most successful and most popular racing game on android. Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme were also big hits in series. This game was released in July 2018. This game has ultra-realistic graphics with High-end visuals and detailing. There are 50 racing cars with photorealistic detailing. Complete challenges and play seasons in game. Play career mode and complete all the chapters by defeating your rivals. It has online multiplayer mode and more. It has auto-go control mechanism so you do not have to accelerate manually. Controls are very easy and also support wireless controller. There are in-game items which you can buy but it is all optional. Race with your favorite car and customize it easily in game.


Brawl Stars

PRICE: Free to Play

Brawl Stars is a super hit game by Supercell. It is a latest game with multiplayer elements. Gameplay is so much fun and interesting. Player got paired with couple of teammates and brawl with your enemies. There are many game modes available including straight brawl mode, money heist mode and a bounty mode. In straight brawl mode, collect crystals. In money heist mode, collect the treasure of opponents. In bounty mode, defeat other players and win matches. Supercell is a popular game development company with so many popular games including Clash of clans, Boom beach and more. It is a free to play game which you can download easily from google play store.


Call of Duty: Mobile

PRICE: Free to Play

Call of Duty: Mobile is a latest online multiplayer shooting game on android platform. It is getting more popular day by day because it is a first person shooting game. The game has classic online PvP game mode just like any Call of Duty game. Play a battle royal match with other 100 players. Do voice-chat with your friends. Play online with your friends and make a squad. The game has in-game content which is optional and you can buy if you want premium items. Get weapon skins and premium outfits to customize your soldier. This is a new game and there are some bugs in it but with the passage of time, game will improve. There are some more FPS games such as PUBG or Fortnite.


Critical Ops

PRICE: Free to Play

Critical Ops is a new first person shooter game on android platform with tons of great features. You have to battle against terrorist in this game. Get amazing weapons and gears to defeat your enemies. You can also play as a terrorist if you want and other will try to kill you. This game requires a strong internet connection. Play it with your friends and become best shooter in game. This game is not much popular like other games such as PUBG or Call of Duty. There are more amazing shooter games on android which you can check out here.


EA Sports Games

PRICE: Free to Play

EA has super hit games on android platform and all games are based on sports. They are the only developer with so many sports game such as Madden NFL, FIFA games, NBA Live Mobile and EA UFC games etc. You can enjoy playing your favorite sport game with real life mechanism. The graphics are usually ultra-realistic and visual effects make the game even more detailed and interesting. These games have easy and simple control setup which is good for beginners. There are also many soccer games and other sport games available but EA is the best company right now with successful hits of sport games. You can also check out the basketball games and baseball games on android platform. These all are free to play games and you can download easily.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

PRICE: Free to play

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the best Final Fantasy-themed game which is free of cost. This game features lots of elements from the original game such as actual town of game, hidden treasures and resources, tons of lore, secret dungeons and dungeon exploration. The gameplay is simple with basic terminologies but you will need to make a strategy to defeat bosses and difficult opponents. Get daily rewards by logging in game and by completing missions. Complete quests and other activities to achieve rewards. It is a great game with good graphics and controls. It is strategy based game and you can download it for free. There are more Final Fantasy games on android which you can explore on google play store.


Genshin Impact

PRICE: Free to Play

Genshsin Impact was a surprise release which became successful hit on android platform. It is an action and adventure Role Playing Game with gacha elements. The game has most usual gacha elements and you can play the story of this game with your friends to summon. It comes with an open-world feature with less restrictions. It has many different combat mechanisms. The graphics and controls of this game are amazing. You can also play this game with those people who play it on PS4, iOS and PC. It is an amazing game and costs nothing because it is totally free of cost.


Legends of Runeterra

PRICE: Free to Play

Legends of Runeterra is a card dueling game and it is new on the list. This game is similar to Heartstsone game which is also very popular and free to play game. Gameplay is amazing where you collect cards, build deck and duel each until someone wins the match. Make a strategy and gather your deck around other player to start a battle. Unlock cards and collect them to become the best Dueling master in game. It is a free to game on android devices. There are some in-game items available which you can buy if you want that. There are more exciting card dueling games on android as well.


Nintendo Games

PRICE: Free to Play

Nintendo is a company which usually launches games for free on android platform. They have a variety of games and some Nintendo titles are Dragalia Lost, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Nintendo is the most popular game developing company. Each game is perfect and smoothly done with colorful graphics and effects. Mario Kart game is the most popular game on android by Nintendo. These games are usually free of cost and you can download it easily from google play store. Fire Emblem: Heroes is a strategic and Role Playing game which we definitely recommend to Nintendo fans. It is a great game and you will definitely love to play it.


Pocket City

PRICE: Free / $2.99

Pocket City is very much like Sim City. You can get this game on android. The gameplay is similar to other city building games. You can build roads, buildings, cafes, houses, restaurants and more in this game. Gameplay is pretty much interesting and fun. Build important buildings and commercial zone. Deal with disasters and make strong buildings. There are 2 different versions of this game; one is paid and other is free. In paid version, you will get all the premium features while in free version of this game, there are very few and limited features available. It is the best simulator on android. You can buy this game if you want to enjoy all the feature of this game or you can just stick with the free version.


Pokémon Go

PRICE: Free to Play

Pokemon Go was the biggest successful hit in the world of gaming in 2016. There are hundreds of million people who play this game and it is still very solid and amazing game. Gameplay is so unique that a player can explore the whole real world while catching pokemon. Battle with other trainers and take down gyms. Find pokeshops and buy items such as Pokeballs and potions. Catch pokemons and train them to unleash their powers and evolve them. It is totally a free to play and you can easily download it from google play store. Internet connection is necessary to play game. It is the best and no. 1 game on android which is based on augmented reality. Controls are so easy to understand and graphics are just perfect. It has great animations.


PUBG Mobile and Fortnite

PRICE: Free to Play

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular online battle royal game on mobile platform. It is no. 1 online multiplayer game in the world with hundreds of million players. It is available for free and you can easily download it and play. Play a match against 100 players and land on an island. Search weapons and armors to defeat other players. Survive till last and become last man standing to win the match. Play with your friends in a squad and do voice-chat with them. Unlock skins of guns and vehicles. Get premium outfits in crate opening. Customize your character and make it look unique. Fortnite is the similar to PUBG Mobile. Fortnite delivers good graphics but with a less serious game atmosphere. It is available to download but only supported devices can play this game. High-end specs are required to play this game. On the other hand, PUBG Mobile is greatly optimized for android platform and you can play this game even on low-end android device. There are in-game purchases available which is optional but if you want premium items then you can buy these items with real money. There are some other battle royal games available which you can check out on our website.



PRICE: Free to Play

Roblox is a popular sandbox game on android right now. Sandbox game with a lot of great content to play. This game has great features and awesome gameplay. Player can use stuff in game which other people create or a player can also create stuff themselves. It is a free of cost game and there are no any hidden charges in playing the game. It offers complete cross-platform support with the other versions of game. It has chat function as well. There are more sandbox games available on android which you can check out here as well. Download and start playing it with all features.


Smash Hit

PRICE: Free to Play

Smash Hit is an endless running game and it is one of the best game on android. This game uses unique first person camera angle. Gameplay is so much fun that you have to throw a metal balls at glass to avoid damage and continue your progress in game. Throw as many balls as you can to run longest in game. The free version of this game offers complete game and you can play completely free from start to end. There are ads in free versions but if you want to get rid from these ads, you can buy the game. Download this game and start your journey while breaking glass and making ways.