5 best find my phone apps and other find my phone methods too!

5 Best Find My Phone Apps And Other Find My Phone Methods Too!

We feel incomplete without mobile phone and if we lost our mobile phone then it feels like we are disconnecting with the world.

Mobile phone is the most personal thing for everyone because we have so much in it like photo, videos, important documents, contacts and other private things that we do not want to share with anyone.

So I’m going to share with you the 5 best find my phone apps and other find my phone methods that can help you to get your phone.

Family Locator by life360

This application is a best and you can say a life saver app because of its best features. Best feature of this application that you can directly connect with your friends and family members through their smartphones.

So with this feature if anybody somehow loses their phone then you can recover through this application because it shows you the direction and bells on your phone.

Also there are more awesome features like if you get stuck somewhere you just tap on the emergency button to send alert notification to your friends and family members. It is a very good application for those who care about their phones and their people. This app is free to download on the Google play store.

Family Locator By Life360

Find my device by Google

It is a very unique application on the Google play store. This app has everything you need you will see many great features in this application. Download and install this app in your mobile and connects with the app you can also operate this application through your computer.

If you lost your phone this app helps you locate your phone by showing you direction and it ring s on your phone so you will recover your mobile phone easily. You can also lock your phone and also you have option to erase your device data with just one click which is a great feature.

You can download this application from the Google play store and it is free which means you don’t need to pay for it.

Find My Device By Google


Cerberus is a very popular application because it is a complete package which helps you to recover your phone quickly. It is very simple and easy to use but the features of this app are very powerful because you can set many settings on your phone in case you lost your phone then you can lock your mobile phone and you can reset everything in your phone.

Also with the help of this app you can use front facing camera to see the persons face and can take picture without knowing that person.

This app offers you free trail and after that you can buy subscription for single license. But if you want to get excess up to 10 devices then you need to pay $43 per year. This app isn’t available on the Google play store so you need to download this app from their website.


Prey Anti-Theft

Prey anti-theft is trusted by the millions of people because this app has best reviews on the Google play store.

This app has same and basic features like others apps but it is more effective because you can set many options on your phone so if you lost your phone you can use this app through any smart device without any problem.

This app also gives you complete excess like you can lock your mobile phone completely and you can ring your phone. You can also take photo of that person without any issue.

This app is same like Google’s find my phone app but it has a different interface. This application is absolutely free to download and it is available on the Google play store.

Prey Anti-Theft

Find my phone apps from carriers

It is a very simple process because with this option you will call your carrier to get help from them. It is the best way to find your phone quickly because they tell you about the right location of your phone so you can easily get your phone by tracking that location but it cost you some amount of money.

There are many carriers but there are three top of the line carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. Simply get help from them and find your phone.

Find My Phone Apps From Carriers

Other find my phone methods

If you do not have any of these applications in your mobile phone then you should try Google services to find your phone and there are several steps which you have to follow if you want your phone back. Just follow these simple steps if even you lost your phone.

Other Find My Phone Methods

Seriously Google’s find my phone

If you lost your android mobile phone which means you must have Google services and you should use these services to locate your phone. With these services you can trace your mobile phone location so it will be easier for you to get your phone. Get ring on your phone and get location by using the services on your computer.

Seriously Google’s Find My Phone

Try all the usual stuf

Losing phone is the worst nightmare but if somehow you lost your phone then you should try everything like try use different apps to trace your phone location and you can send text message to get notification from your phone.

Also you can tell your any friend or family member to call on your phone it may help to get your phone. When you lost your phone the first thing you must do is that you should lock your phone trough Google’s services so your personal data will be save.

Try All The Usual Stuf

Report your phone lost or stolen

If you fail to find your mobile phone then you should immediately report your carrier that you lost your phone because it is very important to do. You can do this by telling your phone’s IMEI or ESN number to your carrier company so it won’t be operate any more.

They will add your mobile phone in blacklist so if anyone tries to active your phone he/she won’t be able to do that. Also your carrier will get location of that thief so you can easily track their location. You should report as soon as you can to make life hard for the thief.

Report Your Phone Lost Or Stolen

Change your passwords immediately

This is the most important thing to do because your phone logged into many accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter and other personal accounts which includes banking accounts. So you should do this work as soon as you can.

You should login with your accounts from computer to change the passwords of accounts so if anyone gets your phone he/she won’t be able to open your accounts. No one can afford to lose their personal information so don’t get panic and log out from everywhere and change the passwords of your all accounts.

Change Your Passwords Immediately

Get a Wear OS Smartwatch

You should have a smart watch because it helps you everywhere like it shows you messages and call on your watch so you don’t need to pick up your phone because you can answer from your watch.

Your smart watch connects with the Bluetooth and special application which gives you complete excess to your watch to manage your phone through smart watch.

So if you lost your phone then you can tap on find my phone option from your watch to ring your mobile phone also you can lock your phone through your watch which is surely a great thing. So you should have a smart watch because it helps in many way.

Get A Wear OS Smartwatch