Spotify Premium Apk

Version Latest Version v8.8.90.893
Android Version Android 4.4+
Category Music and audio
Languages English / Turkish
Developer Spotify Ltd.
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There are multiple apps from where you can stream and download music of your choice. Spotify Premium is one such application that allow its users to stream, download and listen to online tracks. With Spotify Premium one can listen to his favorite tracks being anywhere without an internet connection.

It also saves the user to bear with distracting advertisements that keep popping up. Another premium quality of this app is that it allows the users to play all genre of tracks without any limitations. You can hit the skip button anytime you wish to with Spotify Premium app. The things that make it unavailable to the audience are always the reasons people look for its alternatives.  Spotify Premium APK has been created specifically to fill in the gaps between users and unlimited entertainment.


Unlimited skips.

Download and play music offline.

High in quality tracks.

Mutiple genre tracks.


Costs subscription charges.

Unavailable in most countries.

Unavailability of lyrics.


Spotify Premium APK is the modified version of Spotify Premium. The development of it has been exclusively done to fulfil every one’s requirement. It has got extra features to cope with certain difficulties and limitations users have to come across while using Spotify. This APK has been created to solve all the problems of the users related to anything they face while downloading or making use of Spotify. It has simplified each and every aspect about listening to tracks and getting amused by the impeccable features it is packed with. Following are those features as stated below.

Spotify Premium has unlocked Spotify connect.

Listen to high quality music up to 320 kbps anytime you want.

With Spotify Premium APK one can repeat as many times as preferred.

Skip any song limitless times.

Spotify Premium APK can be download from any country.

It has everything available for the users for free.

It does not support any sort of advertisements.

Shuffle any song as many times as you like.

Create your own playlist and add into it your favorite songs.

Download Spotify Premium APK on any device of your choice


To download Spotify Premium APK easily you will need to follow these instructions.

Permit the device to accept file from an unknown platform.

Tap the link to download the file onto your device.

Select a folder from your device to store Spotify Premium APK after downloading.

Now, install the downloaded file.

Wait till the process ends.

Launch the app and login with any account.

After logging in, Spotify Premium APK is all set to be used.

Enjoy listening unlimited tracks.


Spotify Premium APK is an improvised version of the original app. It has been created by improvising certain sections of the app. These modifications have been made to facilitate the users. Spotify Premium original app does not let you get hold of the entire features for free. It has confined users in multiple ways. Spotify Premium APK on the other hand has made it easier by providing every aspect for free. Spotify Premium APK is already an updated version so it would not require to be updated further.


Terminate the already installed Facebook app from your phone.

Login to Spotify Premium APK with Facebook Account.

Install Facebook again after logging in.

For smooth signing in you may use the Spotify account.


Q. What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium APK is a modified variant of the first application. It has been made by extemporizing certain segments of the application.

Q. Is Spotify Premium APK safe to use?

Spotify Premium APK does not demand any charges. Hence, it does not require any of your credentials. You need to sign in with any account only.

Q. Can we use Spotify Premium APK offline?

Spotify Premium APK uses internet connection to stream and download music. Downloaded music can later be played offline.


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  1. Fake
    Fake September 8, 2021 00:04

    i downloadet the latest version from her but this is not premium. is just normal Spotify. i still need to buy premium

  2. Guti
    Guti August 20, 2022 23:45