Age Of Civilization 2 Apk

Version Latest Version v1.01586_ELA
Android Version 4.0 and up
Category Strategy
Languages English / Turkish
Developer Łukasz Jakowski
76.06% (4360 Ratings)



Different civilizations formed when people conquered different lands. It has always been a part of human history. Age of Civilization 2 is based on the similar concept. It is a predecessor of the previously released Age of Civilization game and is also available in a lite mode .

Age of Civilization 2 requires the strategy to either prevail harmony or attack, fight and invade the far away lands. The gameplay involves the players to have an experience of raising their own legacy. It has been developed keeping into consideration the historical aspects and chronicled locations to give it an archival touch.

Age of Civilization 2 has realistic and high definition graphics to make the game look more entertaining and pertinent to the theme it is based upon. It has got various maps for the guidance of the players to reach to multiple destinations and conquer them.

Moreover, it has also inculcated the all famous archaic boundaries. Not just that through this game one can analyze the diplomatic and political observations as it requires players to utilize all of these skills to make the other colonies sign various treaties and to defeat them in multiple wars.

The most remarkable quality of this game is that it allow the players to innovate the history as per their own preference. Reshape the historical events in your own way and design it using built in editors. Get a chance to play with numerous other players in different locations.

It has got many eras to give players an exquisite flavor of history they have never seen before. With a bunch features to fascinate the players with the only thing is that it is not downloadable for free through Google play store. Age of Civilization 2 Apk has got more new characteristics and can be downloaded for free on your smartphones.


More reigns like Victorian, Ancient Greece and much more have been added.

Downloading the APK file from this website will save you from all costs.

High definition graphics and visuals.

Different tabs for receiving information regarding several empires.

Use map to get to know about minor and major empires and their resources.

Collect resources and bonus by invading more empires and rule.

Customize flag all by yourself for your empire for unique identity.

Variety of terrains to explore.


Permit your smartphone to receive the file from this source.

Download the file by tapping onto the link.

After the Downloading gets completed, save the file in your phone.


Click the link and download the APK file from this website.

Store the file in your phone.

Install the downloaded file.

Open the app.

Follow the instructions and proceed to play.


Age of Civilization 2 game has been developed on the prospects of providing historical overview to the gamers. It requires the exact strength and strategy that were brought into consideration back when any treaties were signed between the empires and when any of them were invaded. As the game is not available to downloaded for free through Google play store, Age of Civilization 2 APK has ben created as an alternative to the original game to make players download it easily and free of cost.


Q. Is Age of Civilization 2 APK available for free?

Age of Civilization 2 APK can be downloaded for free and it does not require any real currency.

Q. Can I play Age of Civilization 2 APK offline?

Yes, Age of Civilization 2 APK can be played offline too.


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