NBA 2k20 APK

Version v98.0.2
Android Version 4.3 and up
Category sport
Languages English / Russian
Developer 2K, Inc.
98.29% (527 Ratings)



NBA 2k20 APK is a brilliant basketball game which is a dream come true for the true sports fans. This game is exclusively designed for those players who love basketball and want to play it in their smartphones.

This game has special features which make it one of the best games one could ever know. It has amazing graphics which are totally 3D. Such graphics make the game look like just a real tournament happening.

There are a number of famous basketball players of history added up into this game. You can compete with them on the streets and show your skills. It is a game in which you can specifically win on the basis of your skill sets.

Furthermore, this game is absolutely free to download. There are no charges or any type of difference in app purchases which cost you some amount. It is designed for the people who love basketball and want to play it for free in the virtual world.

There are a number of incredible features of this game which should be mentioned, but we can only specify a few of them here. Given below is the list of those features which are best in NBA 2k20 APK.


Famous basketball players

There is a long list of all the famous basketball players of history. These players are so proficient at their sport that you will have a little difficulty in playing this game. You need to be perfect and quite experienced at playing basketball to beat all the players. The tournaments happening on the streets will be very competitive and highly tough. It all needs practise to be the best basketball player.

Multiplayer game

This game is a multiplayer game. It means you can play it with your friends online. You simply have to connect with the people or your friends all over the world. In this way you can play basketball online by creating a basketball team. Basketball is always fun to play when you have your team along, so download this NBA 2k20 APK to have all the fun with your teammates. You can also invite your friends and family members through this game to play with you. The results can be shared on the social media accounts to share with your friends.

3D graphics

The graphics of a game make it even more attractive and brilliant. The 3D graphics in this game have something different and unique to offer. With the help of this graphics, the whole game looks original and the players experience playing on the streets. The 3D graphics also gives a better experience as compared to those games or applications who have lower quality graphics. The good graphics always add up bright colors


This game is absolutely free to download. Unlike many other games, it does not contain the charges which some sports games require for the downloading. It is a great choice for every sports lover who loves basketball and wants such a game for free. Moreover, the in app purchases do not exist in this game. You will have all your stuff available for free, or you will have to earn it by winning the game rounds.


On winning the game rounds, you will get multiple rewards and prizes. These will add up into your credit so you may purchase anything to get more power to win the basketball matches.  These rewards consist of the extra points, some boosters to enhance your performance and unlocking of new levels to reach more success.

Street matches

The streets are the playground for the players. The 3x3 matches on the streets with the well-known players make this game is highly interesting and fun. Because of these features, the players love to play this amazing basketball game.

Sound effects

The amusing sound tracks and effects are also a part of the new update of NBA 2k20 APK. These soundtracks amuse the players and they feel excited to play this game.


Q. Is NBA 2k20 APK available on the Google play store?

Yes, the NBA 2k20 APK is available on Google play store for free to be downloaded by Android users.


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    Good game

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