Inat TV Apk

Version v12.0.0
Android Version 5.0 +
Category Tools and system
Languages English / Turkish
Developer Inat TV Team
76.82% (1579 Ratings)



Inat TV Apk is a free online entertainment application. With the help of this app, each user will enjoy simple access to thousands of movies, TV series, and shows as well as many other live television channels.

Inat TV was officially published on 2021-11-10 and it has more than a hundred thousand active users across the world. Although this app is not very common in many countries, people who are using it enjoy its services and give great feedback.

This application has numerous features such as High-definition videos, Easy to control, Uninterrupted streaming, and many more. There are too many choices inside Apk Inat TV for every user.

In case you are addicted to TV programs and series, then, at that point, you can very easily watch their most recent and old seasons as well without any hassle. This application incorporates Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinese, French, and other pleasant categories.

Moreover, there is additionally a feature in this application that permits users to download high-resolution videos in just a flash as well as it also has subtitles and dubbed videos in multiple languages.

A very great feature that Apk Inat TV has is that users can watch downloaded content offline from anywhere. Its offline content availability made this app more unique in its category which is why users from all over the world prefer this app and love watching their favorite shows at Inat TV Apk.

If you are also looking for an entertainment app that is free as well as loaded with numerous features then Inat TV Apk will be the best choice for you. Download it now and enjoy watching your favorite shows without any lag.


Variety of shows and movies

This app has many shows and movies which users can enjoy. Users can watch their favorite movies and shows in the famous category and also in different local classifications.

Huge Channel Network

There are a large number of live channels accessible at the Apk Inat TV application including both local and global channels. These channels contain distinctive content like news, animal shows, narratives, sports, and so on.


Inat TV Apk allows its users to watch their favorite shows in multiple languages so that people who can not understand any particular language, can watch their favorite shows in their preferred language along with the subtitles.

HD Quality & Easy User Interface

This application has a very smooth and easy-to-use UI that anyone can understand. Inat TV Apk has super fine high-resolution HD video quality. Unlike other apps, this app does not ask users to pay for better quality videos because it provides the same quality to everyone without any charges.

Downloading Videos

You can likewise download your favorite shows or movies so you would now be able to watch them while you are disconnected. Download your videos now and watch them from anywhere you are.

No Subscription Charges

Yes, this app is fully free and it does not ask the users to pay for anything as every feature is free to use.

How To Download Inat TV Apk?

⦁ Tap the download button on the website.
⦁ Grant Apk Inat TV permission to be downloaded to your device if it asks for it.
⦁ Save its downloaded file in an easily reachable folder of your device.

Install Inat TV Apk

⦁ First of all, go to your device’s settings and enable the option of accepting unknown sources.
⦁ Open the previously saved file and tap on the install option.
⦁ After finishing the installation process, simply open the app and enjoy using it.


Inat TV Apk is a very reliable and fully-loaded entertainment application. Thousands of people are admiring this app just because of its amazing services and features. Once you get the app, you will enter into a new world as honestly speaking, most of the content that this app has comes from premium sources.


Q. Why is device permission needed to download Inat TV Apk?

Mostly all devices do not allow downloading any apk app because of security or virus issues but once you allow it yourself by just simply going into your phone’s settings then it will be alright.

Q. Why sometimes the app doesn’t work properly?

You might have downloaded the app from a third-party website which is causing an error in your installed app.


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