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Android Version 4.4 and up
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Instander Apk is one of the modified versions of the world’s popular social network Instagram which allows you to save shared videos, reels, photos, short stories, and IGTV videos on your device. All these are not allowed in the official version. But this modified version gives all these access plus plenty of more features and services.

Instagram is one of the social media circles which are enjoying peak popularity. Hundreds of millions of users are on Instagram and post billions of videos & videos on Instagram. Instagram only allows you to watch and like these posts but you can’t save or download them. But with this app, you can enjoy all those features on your Insta ID that were not offered by the official Instagram application.

Instander Apk brings amazing features that enhance your Insta experience and make your profile superior to others. This rejigged version allows you to copy the description, Bio of any profile, comment, and post captions. Download photos, and videos as well as IGTV videos, short stories, and reels of Instagram users with this app. All this and plenty of more features offered by this version make it a perfect grab to replace the official Instagram version.

Features of Instander APK

Instander Apk comes with an unending list of features. Let us catch a few most astonishing of its features.

Download Photos, Reels, IGTV, Videos & Short Stories

Watching videos and posts of your favorite celebrities and buddies on Instagram and willing to save them because you liked them but can’t do as the official version of Instagram confined its users to only watching & liking different photos, reels, videos, short stories, etc.

Don't worry and try this app which enables you to save and download all this shared stuff to your device storage. You can watch and save all your desired content with just one click. Moreover, this app does allow the users to know that you have downloaded or saved any of their shared stuff.

Hide Your Stories

You can select the audience for your stories. This app allows you to select specific people which you don't want to show your stories. These selected users won't be able to see your stories.

Hide you in the Story view list of others

With this amazing app, you can watch Instagram stories of others without letting them know that you have seen their stories.

Archive Stories

This app allows you to save stories of other Instagramers into archives if there is not enough space on your device to save these stories. You can download these archived stories whenever you want.

Manage Messages & Replies

If you are receiving too many replies and messages from unknown and negative people and can’t ignore them because the official Instagram does not allow you to do so then try this Instander Apk. with this app, You can prohibit your critics and unwanted people from replying on your stories, reels, or messaging on direct messages

Sometimes you open all the messages received from your followers and buddies on Instagram but can't reply to someone due to the lack of time or too much amount of messages and conversations which may cause a sense of negative thinking that you didn't reply to them even after reading the messages. But this app allows you to tackle this situation by hiding direct read messages. This feature does not make it known to users that you have read their messages.

Enable/Disable Videos & Stories Auto play

If you have a limited data plan on your device then you can disable the autoplay feature for videos and short stories posted on instander so that you could only watch those stories and videos that you wanna watch. Hence consuming less data by not playing unwanted videos and stories. You can enable this autoplay function for videos and stories whenever you want.

Disable or Enable Analytics

Analytics is the feature that analysis users' activity on Instagram. If you don't want that Instagram analyzes your activities then you can disable analytics and limit Instagram to analyzing your activities. You can enable or disable it whenever you want.

Define Download Path

This app does not just allow the users to download different shared stuff but users can also define the path for these download. Though this app has a predefined download path users can customize the download path according to their will and available storage on their SD card or device storage.

High-Quality Content

Instander Apk maintains a high quality for content uploaded as well as downloaded from this app. This app enhances the quality resolution of videos and stories shared. Moreover, it also allows you to crop the stories and shared videos so that you can share that piece of video that you wanna share. This app also saves and downloads videos and reels shared by others in high quality.

Copy Text

With the official app of Instagram, users are unable to save any text pieces. But thanks to this modified Instander version which allows you to copy any text on Instagram. You can copy photos or post captions, the Bio of any user, comments, and even text in stories & descriptions.

Ghost Mode

Be a ghost on Instagram with ghost mode of Instander Apk. This ghost mode allows you to watch all stories, videos, reels, etc, of others without letting them know. You can also watch and read messages sent by the users without allowing them to know that you have seen them.


Instander Apk does not contain any in-app advertisement to bother your unlimited Insta joy.

Free & Secure

This app is completely free to use & download as well as free from all bugs, viruses malware, etc.

Download & Installation

Click on the built-in download button in the article. The small size of the app won't make you wait for too long. As soon as the download is done, open the app and click on the install button. If it asks it allows installation from an unknown source then allows it from the device setting.


Everyone loves to use social media these days and the craze of Instagram is unique among all these social media platforms. But most of the users face issues saving photos, reels, videos, etc. they use screenshots to get Insta photos and screen recorders for Insta videos.

But Instander Apk comes with a solution to all these problems. You can save and download all your favorite videos and photos from Instagram. Moreover, you can enjoy plenty of the above-mentioned features to enhance your Insta experience. So grab now and keep your Instagram journey on the go in a more efficient way.


Q. Can I use Instander Apk on my iPhone?

No, iOS devices do not support this app.

Q. Is there any premium feature that demands real money?

No, this app does not contain any premium feature for which you have to pay.


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