Boom Beach Apk

Version v43.87
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Strategy
Languages English
Developer Supercell
98.47% (523 Ratings)



Boom Beach apk is a free strategy game where a large number of people interact with each other through virtual reality. It was launched by Supercell, a European company based in Helsinki, Finland that also developed “The Clash Of clans”.

Despite releasing in 2014, this strategic game took the world by storm and made a huge revenue due to humungous support through their fans. The sleek graphics, good game play, and versatility helped it become the fan favorite.

In Boom Beach, the player can either interact or play against fellow players or can play against a non-player character aka the computer. The game is set on an island that makes it more interesting for the players due to its unique concept. One can play individually as well as in groups.

They have to fight against the super military force that wants to conquer the island by keeping the locals as a slave. The game allows the player to attack the brute force, free the slaves, and unlock numerous secrets that lie in the island. The founder of Boom Beach hike apk made sure that people using both android and iOS operating systems could equally have fun playing this game.

The game requires a strategic brain that can build a stronger empire, plan attacks against enemies and defeat Lt. Hammerman. One can either play individually or form groups to defeat Blackguard, irrespective of location in the real world.

Boom Beach hack apk seeks permission to access media files, photo gallery, storage, camera, and Wifi. The game application collects your relevant personal information that includes your name, email address, player name, game password, profile photo and your IP address.

Boom Beach APK Features


Boom Beach apk dayi allows multiple players to play simultaneously and interact with one another without any restrictions.

HD screen:

The game is in high resolution that also allows one to zoom in through their territory.

Player Guide:

Boom Beach offers the new players to learn the game and develop their bases by utilizing the beginner’s guide that offers a step by step tutorial.  This Tutorial also introduces the player to locals, as well as the base area.


The player can customize their base area using construction of buildings, choice of weapons, and


Boom Beach apk offers one to select their team. The options include Rifleman, Grenadier, Warrior, Bombardier, Scorcher, Cryoneer, Medic, Heavies and Zookas.


The weapon options include artillery, flare, shock bombs, critters, smoke screen and barrage.

Primary Resources:

4 primary resources, gold, wood, iron and stone are used as currency for construction and upgrades.

Construction of Buildings:

The player can construct their bases by using the building option. There are multiple categories for different purposes, including Economic Buildings that contain gold, iron, wood storage, and Defensive Buildings that include sniper tower, machine guns, shock and rocket launchers, shock and boom mine etc. Other buildings include Support buildings, Prototype buildings, Core buildings, and others.


This building is of utmost importance and is the heart of one’s Base. It is to be defended and secured at all costs. Foes may steal your resources from here.

Geographical Boundary:

Boom Beach apk indir rises above all geographical boundaries and helps one connect with other players irrespective of caste, color or creed.

Easy to function:

The Boom Beach apk is very easy to function and it offers a step by step guide.

Lt. Hammerman:

This person is the main enemy as he is the commander of Blackguard, the enemy force. There are 10 bases spread out over the game map with unique weapons. They may attack whenever they like.

Task Force:

One can make groups of fellow users to play as a team. This is called a task force in Boom Beach. But the eligibility criteria for it is to have level 6 headquarters quarters at least or should be invited by a friend.

Power Stones:

there are 4 power stones, life, ice, magma and dark in 3 different sizes. These are to be won through daily reward and supply chests. They help in increasing the energy of the player’s base.

Collecting Guns:

Boom Beach apk allows one to collect guns after defeating their enemies. It also gives an opportunity to the player in the form of a new updated version of the weapons.


The team players can use the text chat option.

Team Chat:

Boom Beach apk dayi allows the task force players to chat with each other easily.

Global Chat:

This mode allows the player to text chat with any other boom beach player from all over the world.

Weekly Events:

The weekly contests help the player progress by getting rewards.

High FPS:

Fortnite apk has a high frame per second ratio which creates a smooth game play.

Safe and confidential:

For Fortnite apk security and privacy of its users is of great importance. It keeps their private and personal information confidential at all costs.

How to download Boom Beach apk?

Search for “Boom Beach apk free download”.

Click the download button. It will be downloaded in a couple of minutes.

How to install Boom Beach APK?     

After downloading the APK file, tap on it to start its installation.

If a downloaded file couldn’t be found, then search for it in the device's download section.

Allow your device to accept installation from unknown sources or from sources. In order to do so, visit “Settings” > “Additional settings/ More” > “Developer options” and finally enable the “Unknown sources”.


Boom Beach hile apk requires strategic planning skills to execute the game plan. It is free, easy to play, with amazing features for those who adore survival hunts. It allows unlimited game play in HD with high Fps, quality graphics with unique gameplay, and all this while keeping private information confidential. It also allows one to build their empire, form teams, collect power stones and defeat the Blackguard.


Q. Can I play Boom Beach apk offline?

No, a stable and fast internet connection is needed to play this game.

Q. Is Boom Beach only downloaded on a phone??

No! You may use your tablet, PC or any iOS device to download this app. It is compatible with all devices.


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