Discord Apk

Version v86.5 - Alpha
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Communication
Languages English / Spanish
Developer Discord Inc.
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Discord apk is the best app to communicate with people via text messages, voice call and video call. This app was officially introduced at May 13,2015. This app is mostly used by gamers as it helps them to communicate with friends who are playing the same game quickly and easily.

Another reason for being very famous among gaming community is that they can do live streams here with super fine quality and can also chat with their fans at the same time.

The major advantage of this app is that it allows the user to communicate with many people at a single time either by voice call or video call. Moreover, apk discord is a fully free application and easy to download as well as there are no in app purchases in it.

Another reason for its popularity is that it is easily accessible because it is fully functional for all platforms such as Windows, Android and IOS. It supports high resolution graphics and HD live streams up to 1080p.

The user interface of discord apk is very easy as well as it has multiple languages so that users can easily select the language, they are comfortable with. If you also want an application with similar features and ad free chatting experience than discord apk is perfect for you.

Discord Apk Features

Feasible Communication.

Discord Apk allow the users to communicate easily via video and audio chats while playing games. They can easily call their mates to have a live chat while playing the game.

Clear Audio and Visual Quality

Download Discord Apk if you want to hangout live with your friends without feeling disrupted. It has got clear video and audio qualities for effective communication.

Support Multiple Devices

You can log in to your Discord Apk server from one device and can later login with any other device too. The activities on Discord you will be doing on the previous device will automatically be resumed onto the other device too.

Live Streams

If you are a YouTuber or an influencer who loves to make game streams, then apk Discord is the best option for that purpose. You can easily get your fan live onto the app and can share your gaming stream with them while going live onto the social site too.

Convenient User Interface

With its easy user interface one can conveniently setup an account. It effortless to sign in to Discord and easier to make functional for your own cause.

High Quality

Discord Apk provides users with a Hd visual and audio quality. The video does not lag and the sound too does not get distorted.

Language Shift Option

To make it more facilitating for the users the developers have kept a language adjustment option. Users can use the app into any language they are comfortable with.

Free Subscription and Downloading

You need not to worry about the budget while downloading apk discord. It does not charge anything upon its downloading or while signing in to it.

Download Discord Apk

Grant your device the permission to accept this download from this source.

Use this website to get the link for downloading Discord Apk.

Save the downloaded application in your file manager.

Install Discord Apk

Enable the unknown source’s option from the settings of your phone.

Download the Discord apk app through the link on this website.

Store the Apk into any folder of your device.

Install the apk into your phone and sign in with any account.


Streaming has become a trend now a days, gamers love to connect with their fans while playing games. Discord Apk has been exclusively developed for the purpose of making it easier to communicate with friends and fans through video or audio. You can easily setup your account and can get it synced that will help in using it from any other device too.


Q. What is Discord Apk?

Discord Apk is an app where you can communicate easily with anyone around the world. Gamers can make their gaming streams and share them on YouTube. You can download and login to this app free of all costs.

Q. How to download Discord Apk on Android?

Follow these steps to download Discord Apk in Android.
1. Enable the unknown source’s option from the settings of your phone.
2. Download the Discord apk app through the link on this website.
3. Store the Apk into any folder of your device.
4. Install the apk into your phone and sign in with any account.


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