Messenger Lite Apk

Version v334.
Android Version Android 4.0+
Category Communication
Languages English
Developer Meta Platforms, Inc.
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It is the lite version of Facebook's official Messenger app which enables you to enjoy all those features of the official version including video & audio calls, chat in text & voice, sharing photos, videos, audio & links, and reactions, emojis & gifs.The world’s most famous social networking site offers an official messenger app for its users to communicate with other Facebook users. 

Similar to Facebook's official app, the official app of the messenger is also of heavy size. Hence the humble devices with low device storage are unable to run smoothly. Moreover, it also requires a strong internet connection.The lite version of the messenger is designed for those low-end humble smartphones with low storage capacity & for the users that operate on relatively weaker internet connections. 

As this lite app is very light in size ranging from 10 to 14 MB only. This app doesn’t have those unnecessary games & features that you often find in the heavyweight official version, hence reduced size, less storage consumption, less data consumption, faster interface and features use.

Features of this App

This app is the lite version of the official partner of world’s top-notch social site, hence has a lot of features to meet the requirements. This app has some similar features to the official version as well as some of its own features. All the features that make it a perfect alternative to the Facebook messenger in low-end smart devices are as follows.

Low Space Consumption

The most often faced problem in low-end devices is storage running short. So it is not easy for those low-space devices to run any big size heavy app like Facebook messenger whose size keeps on increasing with the use. This app provides you with all those basic features of Facebook messenger consuming very low space as compared to Facebook messenger.

Work Smartly

Actually, this app works smartly because it keeps away all those unwanted games and additional features that are present in the official messenger app but are very rarely used. Moreover, most of those games are not too interesting and usually, people play games on those official apps of respective games. This lite app gets rid of all those features & games and capitalizes the basic features of the messenger including chatting, sharing and calling. This enables this app to work using a very low space on your device. This makes the app very fit for low-end devices.

All the Basic Features of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger was initially developed for chatting b/w the users which still remains its basic feature. But with the passage of time and advancement in technology plenty of basic and other features have been introduced in messenger. Nowadays, text chat, voice chat, sharing photos, videos, links etc and audio/video calls are considered the basic functions of Facebook messenger.The official app does contain additional features like games, short video stories and others which cause an enhanced size. Hence the lite version only focuses on mentioned basic features. Moreover, the app has different emojis, gifs, templates, etc and also shows the list of active friends as well as all your Facebook friends.

A speedy Experience

As the app has gotten rid of unwanted features and has a much reduced size, it enables the app to work at an enhanced pace. So enjoy a quick chat either text or voice, share photos & other content instantly, and make high-quality video and audio calls.

Uninterrupted High-Quality Video & Audio Calls

As the app operates at a faster pace due to reduced features and basic capitalism, it helps the users to enjoy high-quality uninterrupted video as well as audio calls.

Low Data Consumption

The app not just consumes a very small portion of device storage but also consumes very reduced internet data which makes it a perfect fit for users with a low data plan. Moreover, the app can also run on a weak internet connection as compared to that required for the official messenger app.

Free Mode

To use this app you only require an internet connection and nothing else. But in case you have a zero MB left in your data plan you can still use the basic feature of text chatting in this app.

 Privacy & Security

The privacy and security of the app are ensured by Facebook making it an official member of the Facebook family for low-end devices. Moreover, the security of the app is verified by Google play protect. The app follows official privacy & policy terms which ensure your user privacy as well as the security of your device.

 Download & Installation

To download & install the lite version of messenger for your android & other low-end smart devices, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Click the download link button given on the page.
  • The apk file will take a few seconds for download due to the small size of the lite version but might be prolonged with a weaker internet connection.
  • As the download completes, allow the unknown source app installation by switching on the permission in your setting menu of the device.
  • Now switch back to apk file, open it & complete the installation by tapping on the install option given by the apk file.


After going through the article you can convincingly conclude the app is a perfect alternative to the Facebook Official Messenger app for the low end & humble devices. As the app provides you with all the basic features of sharing, chatting and calling using very fewer internet data & consuming a very small portion of device memory. So connect to your Facebook friends and users all around the world with this small-size, high-speed multi-feature app.


Q. Does this app show all the active friends?

Yes, the app has a list of active friends to assist you to find all your currently active Facebook friends.

Q. Is there any Dark mode for use at night?

Yes, there is a one-tap mode switch which enables dark mode for use at night with just a single tap.


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