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If you are a student with weak math then don't worry because in this article you are going to find a solution to your problems. If you are still facing trouble in finding a value of

X then don't get penet and download gauthmath APK. On this application more than 50k mathematics tutors are available to help you. It's okay if you cannot afford an academy or you cannot afford a math tutor.

On this application you can solve all your mathematics problems within minutes. It is a highly safe and secure application on which 50000 + authentic tutors are available for free. There are no charges and no fee required that means you can take help from this application for free of cost. It is very simple to use the application. You just have to scan the questions and you will get the authentic answers.

What is meant by gauthmath apk

Gauthmath APK is a convenient application for all those students who are not good in math. This application is a reliable app because now you can solve math problems without pain money. There is no time limitation on this application which means that you can take help from this app anytime you want. User interface of this application is very simple so that anyone can take advantage without any problem. You can download this application from Google play store and for the latest version you can also visit our site. Now you can prepare your math exams using this application because it gives step by step explanations. Whether it is a problem of algebra, trigonometry or calculus, you will find this application useful in every aspect. Now we are going to discuss the features of this application.

What are the features of gauthmath apk

Easy to use

This application is created for all age groups and that is why the user interface is very easily accessible. Once you download the app then you will get thousands of math teachers. You can select any of your favorite teachers or you can rendingly post your math problems. On this app, you will get the answer to your problem in a few minutes.

Scan and get answers

This application can solve major math problems in just a few seconds. Your job is to take a picture of your question and then scan it. When the scanning will complete, you will get the exact answer.

Unpaid Tutors

On this app, students don't need to pay for the Tutors because they will teach you for free. This application provides you free math teachers and every one if a math expert so it is now easy for you to finish your homework on time.

Internet is required

To use this app, students must have an internet connection. If you don't have WiFi, then don't worry because you can also use this app on mobile data.

Live sessions

Live sessions are also a part of this app. If you are facing difficulties in verbal teaching then you can also add yourself in live sessions. Live sessions are very helpful because you will get detailed explanations about all the topics.

Cover all math topics

This application covers all mathematics topics like algebra, geometry, theorems, Trigonometry, calculus, logical reasoning and more. Now you can get all kinds of help from gauthmath apk.

What's new in guathmath apk

No ads

This app is free from any distractions which means ads are not available in this app. Students can practice math without any kind of interruptions.

New features

There are some new features also added in this app. You can also try the AI Math tutor feature too.  These features are free to use.

Safe to use

If you are confused whether the app is safe to use or not then we are here to clear all your doubts. This app has a high security interface and all the tutorials available on this platform are verified.

Why get guathmath apk

This application is useful for those students who are not good in math and always face difficulties in completing their homeworks. For all those students who can not bear tutor expenses can download this app.


Hence proved that, gauthmath apk has all those amazing features which can fulfill students requirements. No more late homeworks. Just open this app, scan your problems and get accurate answers within a seconds. The updated version of this app is available to download on our site.


Q. Does gauthmath apk have in-app purchases?

Yes! This application has in-app purchases. Some features are paid but the prices are reasonable so you can easily afford these paid features too.

Q. Can I download lectures offline in gauthmath apk?

No! This option is not available in this version so you can only take online lectures in this app.


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