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Version v2.20.1
Android Version 5.0 and up
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Developer New World Apps Android
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Audience now a day's demand of having easiest methods for fulfilling their entertainment requirements. Since there are many breakthroughs made in the field of telecommunication, new ways have been introduced for the spectators. It becomes hard to be glued in front of the television in a particular time frame to watch what you like. This is the reason behind the success of streaming platforms that are rapidly flourishing. With these online apps around one can easily watch any type of content being either at somewhere outside or while being at home.

These have been proven facilitating for the people who love traveling or have to travel for some reasons and so that they can meanwhile watch their favorite shows online. Brasil TV APK has been designed to facilitate the Brasilian audience for this purpose. Despite of this it can also be downloaded on any device you want to. This article is to brief about the amazing features it carries and methods of downloading it on various devices.


A decade ago, when there was not much option of channels and freedom of watching them anytime. It was difficult for people back then to grab their favorite shows. With the emergence of new patterns in the telecommunication sectors this has been ensured. Now with latest systems and apps one cannot just watch the content as per preference but can also download as much as required. Unlike the older times when we had to schedule our leisure according to the time our favorite shows have to be broadcast, now we can manage it as per our own ease. With streaming apps, the audience has got more control over what they want they want to watch.

These apps provide easy options to record the episodes, pause anytime we want, and watch diverse content. These apps have also freed the watchers from troubles like fluctuations and etc. One can easily subscribe to them and can either stream anything over internet or can download for watching offline. In spite of having all the modern tactics to enjoy any movie, show or serial, these apps cannot be an alternative for tv. However, watching something on a big screen is always fun and this is why Brasil TV APK is downloadable for all devices. Still there is always an option to switch to your television anytime you feel like doing so.


Brasilian TV is not just a streaming platform but it also broadcasts the Brasil local channels. Although it is not an all-rounder holding up premium content you can get on other apps like Netflix and etc. But if you have likings for the Brasilian content you are going to appreciate this app. However, this app has been mainly developed for the purpose of providing open broadcasting of the Brasilian native channels. Other major aspect of this app is that no matter where you may be, you can access your favorite content being anywhere. Brasil TV APK works everywhere and can stream any movie, show or series for you at any place you want to. With the advantage of being able to download it on multiple devices now you can access it in a portable manner on your smartphone or can even enjoy on the big screen as of smart TV.

Using the app itself is not a hard nut to crack. Just switch to the menu button where you will be able to find several options that has various functions. To avoid the users from being puzzled with so many options only 3 tabs have been given into the menu bar. This keeps the interface simple yet convenient. The first option is the video on demand option where you will get content like movies, series and shows. It works in a similar way like Netflix, YouTube and HBO etc. The second option is named as TV that has all the local Brasilian and on demand channels that one can watch. Here in this mode, you will be able to find all the close and open broadcasted national and international channels. Brasil TV APK telecasts everything online. You will require to have a smooth internet connection to watch anything over this app.

Third icon is of your User’s Profile. Brasil Tv APK like other apps also allows you to have your personal user profile. Although it has to offer everything for free. But having a profile you can logout of your account anytime. You can also manage some details that you want to be shared. Brasil TV APK allows the users to download anything over internet and to watch it later.


The latest version of Brasil TV NEW APK has upgraded features and interface. The design has been kept simple yet accommodating to the users. It does not have any intricate icons or functions. The icons have been kept simple and attractive by choosing the right colors from the color palate. Creativity has been showed keeping it simpler for the users to easily get to the content they prefer to watch. If you have previously used Netflix you may be find the interface of Brasil TV APK more facilitating.  As described previously from the menu itself you can choose any of the three options either for watching movies, series, shows or choose to watch live

transmissions of open and close channels from second option. In short everything in Brasil TV NEW APK is just a tap away.

Sometimes there occur some problems. These issues are either related to the streaming speed or the lagging of the app itself. On an off chance that you face these problems, updating the app will really work. Free users who are using the Brasil TV NEW APK for free may encounter advertisements while viewing something through this app. The paid version does not just have more contents in terms of movies and shows but it also does not support advertisements. Those users who do not sign up will only be given a number as an id. But the drawback of this is that these users will not be able to get their hands onto all of the things. To explore Brasil TV APK completely, you will need to login.


Brasil TV NEW APK has two modes from which the user can choose from. First is the video on demand mode in which you can get any series, movies and shows online. It shows everything in a similar pattern as other streaming sites. The other is the TV mode in which you can get the local channels being broadcasted each moment on Brasilian TV APK.


The video on demand option is for those who want an experience of the online streaming app. This stores all the movies, seasons and shows and you can also demand any if you want. Brasil TV APK video on demand mode has different categories to choose from for those who sign up. Moreover, users who will sign up will also be able to experience some of the content that is only found out at Netflix. Brasil TV NEW daily list enlists the top 10 movies and shows both national and international as a recommendation for the viewers. It is quicker and simpler in for the users of Brasil TV APK to find their desired content.

There are several tabs for this option too as in the movie section you will find sub tabs to select from. These permits you to choose any movie from your preferred year and genre like sci-fi, romance, drama, thriller, horror, mystery and etc. It further has content from other platforms too like HBO, Netflix, Prime Video from this tab you will be able to watch content from these premium apps. Brasil TV APK gives opportunity to the viewers of watching anime, cartoon and old movies and seasons also.


Television mode has both open and close network Brasilian international and national channels that one can easily watch on internet. It not just telecast the local channels but it also has foreign channels like French, English and many others. These can be viewed on internet only on any device you wish. There is a total amount of 117 channels from 11 categories that Brasil Tv Apk has to offer. But the unpaid users will get to watch only 12. The list of these 12 is mentioned below.

1 Globo News



4 Discovery H&M






10 Band News

11 Lifetime


Following is the list given below of those 11 categories you can select your preferred channels from. All the channels are highly defined in terms of quality.

Open Channels.

Channels like Record, TV Senado and TV Camara are open channels. Other than this Globo News and Globo channel are available in the regions of Rio Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande Do Sul, Pernambuco, Parana, Brasilia and etc. If you want to access and view all of these channels online being anywhere, you should download Brasil TV APK on your device to view all the channels.

Brasil TV NEW APK also provides with many informative stuffs like Documentaries. These documentaries related to every subject are available at Animal Planet, National Geographic and TNT. There are various topics like history, science, mystery and many more.

With Brasil TV APK you can keep a record of every score from every match may it be football, cricket or tennis and etc. To make this happen there is a large variety of channels including Band Sports, Fox Sports, SporTV and ESPN. With these channels one can watch any sports and the live transmission of sports.

There are multiple movies that you can watch online by both streaming and downloading through Brasil TV NEW APK. The channels that broadcast various movies all the time are MegaPix, TNT, Paramount, TCM and HBO.


Channels like FOX, Universal, AXN and Warner are the channels that telecast exclusive content in terms of both leading web series and movies. Web series are a new trend famous among all age of audience this is why Brasil TV APK has focused on providing everything the audience requires.


Channels with adult content are available for those who login for the app. This requires a confirmation of age and details that only logged in users can provide. With the password you can also logout so that no one else will access it other than you.


NHK is the only broadcaster that broadcasts Japanese content. This provides with the channel that is associated with the telecasting of Japanese channels.

Channels like MTV, VH1, RBI, MUSIC BOX Brasil are the channels exclusively associated with music. These channels are especially amalgamated in Brasil TV APK to facilitate audience with a variation of content. Songs lovers can also access these channels via internet on their smartphones anytime.


With Brasil TV APK the audience can watch 9 different news channels. CNN, BBC and TV5 are the channels that only broadcast news. Through Brasil TV APK one can be updated every moment everywhere.

Diverse Content.

There are many other channels that telecast all sorts of channels like Viva, FOX Life, BNT and GloboSAT etc. These channels telecasts fashion shows and content related to lifestyle. These channels have been accumulated to make every age of people entertained. This also includes channel that broadcast cartoons and anime for teenagers and kids.


Brasil TV NEW APK is a versatile app that can be downloaded onto any device the subscribers might prefer. The file will be downloaded as an APK file for which the users have to follow some instructions. There are different instructions for different devices as mentioned below.


  1. Allow your device to accept download from an anonymous source from the settings option.
  2. Visit the website for getting the link to download it.
  3. Store the file in your choice of a folder on your device.
  4. Install the Brasil TV NEW APK app.
  5. Open the file and sign in to enjoy unlimited entertainment.


  1. Download an Android Emulator.
  2. Tap the link to download the application.
  3. Download the Brasil TV APK through the emulator.
  4. Install the apk file now.
  5. Launch and sign in to watch your favorite content.



Q. Does the Brasil tv new work offline?

No. You need internet access to work perfectly.


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  1. Sandra Ferreira
    Sandra Ferreira January 6, 2021 04:34

    By this email, we inform you that Brasil TV V. 2.12.7 has already stopped being updated and the latest version is V. 2.19.1. Please take the old information from your website and put the most updated version. Follow the official download link. Thank you very much for your cooperation! Best wishes, StarHome