Gacha Cute Apk

Version v1.1.0
Android Version Android 5.0+
Category Entertainment
Languages English
Developer Gacha Cute
98.79% (497 Ratings)



Gacha Cute Apk is the rejigged version of the globally popular casual simulation game the ‘Gacha Club game’. Gacha series of games is highly rated by the users and globally popular. This game version has been launched for android mobiles but its swiftly increasing attraction urging the developers to launch desktop, Mac, and other device versions. One can expect the desktop & Mac versions to come soon.

This version of the game is prior to the original version worthy of the plethora of features included in it. You will enjoy the game with more characters, accessories of characters, and many other items that are missing in the original version of the game. Moreover, you will enjoy the game with much-improved graphics quality and visuals compared to the original version. However, the game's story and gameplay remain the same as in the original game version.

This game has been introduced in Portuguese & English. It is mighty possible that many more languages will be introduced soon, because this game version is becoming very popular all over the world. This game allows you to customize the characters. There is a huge amount of characters to play with. This game offers a reasonable amount of levels with increasing difficulty and thrill. So get the game now and enter the new & advanced world of Gacha games.

Features of Gacha Cute Apk

This game includes all those features and characters that you have been enjoying in the original game version. In addition to the original version characters, there are plenty of new advanced and more entertaining features included in this game. Let’s have a look at them.

Traditional Joy of Gacha Life Game

This game has all those essentials that make the Gacha Life game series popular all over the world. You will enjoy the traditional Gacha Life gameplay in an advanced and more entertaining way.

Plenty of Characters to Enjoy the Game

This game does not restrict you to a few characters. Rather you can enjoy a lot of characters available. There are as many as 10 main game characters (male & female) & 90 other characters. These extra characters include pets and other sorts of characters.

Creativity at its Best

Gacha game series is based on players' creativity and is aimed to sharpen and enhance players' creativity skills. You can enjoy the game in a much better way compared to the previous version of the game. Because this game offers 100 characters to sharpen your creative skills.There are 10 main game characters as well as 90 extra characters. You can customize your game characters using your creative skills.

Complete Character Customization

Now, this is what you will love to enjoy in this game. This game offers complete customization of your game characters. You can customize a character from head to foot. Try a variety of clothes, hairstyles, body colors, body types, different faces, different eye shapes & colors, and other customization assets. It means you can customize every minor detail of your character.

Plenty of Items to Collect

During the gameplay, you will find a plethora of different kinds of items every now & then. These items include clothes, skirts, shirts, shovels, shuriken, boomerangs, saw, ice cones, balls, and many other accessories & items. You can use these items to customize your character and use them in studio mode to create different poses.

Studio Mode

Similar to the previous version, here you will also find the studio mode. You have to customize your game character in the best way and present it in studio mode to try different scenes and poses according to your imagination and creative thinking. The perfectly customized character has a chance to win the competition. Also, the most creative poses also assist to win the competitions. So customize your character in the best way and present the best poses in the studio.

Graphics Quality

Whether we talk about MOBA games, simulation, or any sort of other game categories, graphic quality is in great demand by the players. This game version offers a state-of-the-art graphic quality. The game characters & visuals of the game are of great quality and very attractive colors. Moreover, the sound effect also adds to the charms of the game.

Plenty of Levels to Enjoy

This is another feature that makes this version prior to the original one. Here you can enjoy more game levels compared to the previous one. So enjoy a plethora of game levels with varying charm and task difficulty.

Free of Cost

You can enjoy this game without paying anything. This game is free to download and also you won’t have to pay for any sort of feature or asset of this game.

Completely Secure Game

The game comes with the trust of millions of users and is verified as a secure one for your device by Google Play Protect. So you don’t have to be concerned about your device as well as your personal data shared in this game.

Ads Free

Ads are always annoying for any player and mobile user. But this game gives an ad-free experience and keeps all the commercial advertisements far away from your gaming joy.

Download & Installation

This game is only available for Android devices so iOS users can not enjoy this game. Android users can get this game from Playstore as well as this page. To download it from the play store one simply has to type the name of this app in the search bar of Playstore.

This site also offers a rapid download for all the apps and games. You can get this game with a simple tap on the download button included in the article. After downloading the game, open the file and complete the installation. But before installation, make sure that your device allows the unknown source installation.


Gacha Cute Apk is one of the finest casual simulation titles. It belongs to the famous Gacha life series of games. It is a much-improved game version. Unstoppable fun with a plethora of characters and character assets.  So try your creativity skills, adore your game character in the best way, and create picture-perfect scenes & poses in the studio mode.


Q. Is Gacha Cute Apk Compatible with iOS devices?

So far, only the android version of the game has been launched but its popularity is spreading all over the globe so iOS & desktop versions may be around the corner.

Q. Is this game is paid one?

No, this game is free to enjoy.


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