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Version v1.1.2
Android Version Android 5.0+
Category Entertainment
Languages English
Developer Kenrin Limited
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Hotshots apk is a premium entertainment service that brings fans "Hot Shorts" on demand. Accessible at HotShots, the site features hot videos, hot photos, and more.

When a subscriber logs in, he can watch trailers for new content, view the latest movies, view and download exclusive content, read interviews with personalities and models starring in videos, and open up their photo albums.

Want to Watch the short films then, what are you waiting for. Just click on the below button and download the HotShots app for free.

Description of HotShots Apk

This app is your go-to destination for the best of original digital entertainment. Not only does it have some of the best web series, short films, and hot photos - starring popular faces from TV, Bollywood, and more, but it also has a mix of regional content like movies & music videos. And not just that!

If you love watching Indian celebrity gossip news then HotShots has something just for you! From breaking news about your favorite stars to juicy behind-the-scenes gossip - this is where all your Bollywood needs will be satisfied!

Key Feature

Worldwide Content

You can get access to TV shows, movies, sports, and music from 70 different countries. All of that content is available live and on-demand on your phone or tablet.

Complete TV listings for your favorite shows, and never miss a game:

HotShots Fits Your Schedule

Hotshot is the best way to watch your favorite shows on the go. Whether you're at home or travelling, HotShots lets you watch anywhere. You can get a subscription for unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV shows from all your devices including iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

You can also download content to view offline so you don't have to worry about data charges taking over your phone bill!

The Best Quality, No Matter Where You Are

You can watch it anywhere you want. No matter where you are and what your internet situation is, we have you covered.

  • Watch from your phone, tablet, or laptop
  • No need to worry about connection or speed
  • Multitask with ease no matter where you are

Stay Connected with Your Favorite Content

With this app, you can stay connected with your favorite content. You can access your favorite shows and watch them online or on your mobile phone. With this app, it's possible to watch your favorite shows on your tablet as well as on your laptop and TV.

Easy to use anywhere in the world

You can use HotShots anywhere in the world. To get started, you'll need to sign up for a free account on our website and then download the app according to the above easiest method. Once you've done that, all of the content will be at your fingertips

This app is perfect for anyone who wants to have access to over 100,000 hours of content with just one click. The best part? It's totally free! Means, even, you don’t need a single pie on it.

 HotShots is an OTT platform

Hotshot is an OTT platform that provides a wide range of content in multiple languages. We have original and exclusive content from the top TV channels, movies, music, sports, and much more!

You can watch HotShots on your Android phone or tablet, or stream it directly to your TV with Chromecast or Airplay.

HotShots Bollywood Style Short Films

This app is an OTT platform that features Bollywood-style short films, web series, and music videos. This new service will allow users to watch content from different creators from across the globe in one place.

The HotShots app is currently available for download on the Google Play Store and is compatible with Android phones running Android 5.0+ or higher.

This app lets you watch Bollywood-style movies shot on a smartphone that is made by amateur filmmakers across India with high-quality production values.

You can also watch music videos from top artists around the world created by your favorite stars.

How To Download & Install the HotShots APK?

●     Step No. 01: Click on the above link

To download the file, you must click on the above link to go to the download site. The above link is the link to download the file.

●     Step No. 02: Click on the download option

Now, you need to click on the Download option and then wait for a couple of minutes so that it gets downloaded in one go. You must have a good internet connection for this purpose.

●     Step No. 03: Enable Third-Party Access

Once you are done with the downloading process then you can go to settings and then enable third-party apps on your device.

●     Step No. 04: Now, you can install the HotShots APK in your mobile

After enabling third-party apps in your device then you can install the HotShots APK on your mobile.

 ●     Step No. 05: Wow, now your HotShots APK is installed

Now your HotShots APK is installed on your mobile and you can use it. Hotshot is a premium entertainment service that brings fans the hottest music and videos on demand. Accessible at HotShots, the site features hot videos and more.

You can watch the trailers for new content, view the latest movies, view and download exclusive content, read interviews with personalities and models in videos, and open up your photo album.


When we heard about HotShots, we were intrigued by the concept. After a quick tour of their home page, we were convinced that this was something worth sharing with our readers. We loved the videos and photos—they're definitely hot!

The site has plenty of potentials, and they seem determined to expand and provide users with the new video content in the near future. If you're looking for exclusive entertainment service, HotShots is a great choice. So, click on the below button and download it to get hours of fun!

Download Button!

If you’ve still any questions regarding this topic then, don't hesitate to ask us in the comment section below.


Q. Is Hotshots APK safe for my Android mobile?

Yes, it does not harm any device as all the harmful bugs are tackled well by developers.

Q. Is apk file deleted automatically after installation?

No, apk file remains in your file manager and you can easily reinstall the app if you have uninstalled it.


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