Version v9.116.0
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Entertainment
Languages English / portuguese
Developer iFood Delivery de Comida e Mercado
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Ifood is a Brazilian food delivering platform which was founded in 2011. It is a privately owned company and it has more than 5,000 employees. Ifood deliver its services to customers in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

It is one of the largest food orderings and delivering company of Brazil as it has around 86% of market share there with a much more higher order ratio than its competitors. It has around 6 million active customers along with 26 million orders every month which sets the standard of iFood to the peak.

Furthermore, iFood apk is very loyal to their customers that’s why it gives a wide range of restaurants and menus with tons of discounted deals.

Today, ifood is the only company that provides insurance in case of any accident as well as it has recently reserved a fund of $1 million for its couriers who are infected by coronavirus. Last but not the least ifood charges very minimum delivery fee from their customers and in return offers them a quality service.

If you belong to a region where ifood is available than you must give a try to ifood apk. Its hassle-free user interface and variety of restaurants will make your day wonderful and tasteful. So don’t waste time your order is just few taps away.

One can also avail exclusive discounts on favorite food items through this app. Further features of the app are disclosed in the article below.

IFood Apk Features

Deliver Everything At Your Doorstep.

IFood Apk is a virtual market that helps in ordering anything from food and drink items to grocery. Everything will be delivered straight away at your doorstep without going out to look for anything.

Exclusive Deals and Discounts.

The users often get served with premium coupons and discounts on multiple eateries to order food from. You can easily avail affordable deals and discounts on any item you wish to place an order for on iFood apk.

Trace Your Order.

APK iFood provide the users with the facility to track their order. They can easily see the progress of their placed order and note the time it would take for it to arrive.

Less Delivery Charges.

Placing an order online through iFood Apk costs comparatively low delivery charges. With good service this is yet another opportunity that helps save money.

Affordable Purchasing Options.

There are multiple options to choose from on iFoods apk. It has accumulated many affordable options too in terms of ordering food and even groceries to keep in your budget.

Buy The Missing Ingredients.

Download iFood Apk to order anything you might be missing. They would deliver groceries or anything else that you are required to complete your recipe with at home.

Download iFood Apk

  1. Grant permission to your device to accept this download.
  2. Choose the link available onto this website for downloading ifood apk.
  3. Wait till the app gets completely downloaded.
  4. Save the downloaded app anywhere in your device.

Install iFood Apk

  1. Allow access to your device by turning on the unknown source option.
  2. Download iFood app through the link on this website.
  3. Store the downloaded app in any folder of your device.
  4. Install the downloaded and saved ifood app and set an account.


Ifood apk is a food delivery application running successfully in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and  Colombia. It costs low delivery charges and has a lot of affordable options to shop food and grocery items from. All it takes is a single to order any food, drink, ingredient through apk iFood. The plus point is that one could easily track his order and get it delivered while sitting back at home.


Q. What is iFood delivery APK?

IFood Apk is a food delivering company serving in Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, and Argentina. Its aim is to serve the best quality of food and other food ingredients at an affordable rate with smart service. Through this app one can get promos and low-price options to purchase food and grocery from.

Q. How to download iFood apk?

Stated underneath are those few steps you are required for downloading iFood apk on Android.
• Grant permission to your device to accept this download.
• Choose the link available onto this website for downloading ifood apk.
• Wait till the app gets completely downloaded.
• Save the downloaded app anywhere in your device.
• Install the downloaded and saved ifood app and set an account.