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Android Version Android 5.0+
Category Entertainment
Languages English / portuguese
Developer Netflix, Inc.
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Netflix is the rapidly growing entertainment platform out of all the others. Initially it was just a website but now it has transformed into a fully-fledged application catering content from across the globe.

Netflix has got series, movies and shows from different countries and in different languages. It is an American platform and has reached too approximately 11 million people from around the world. Not just it provides with the content but it has also produced various movies.

Netflix was introduced in 1997 for the first time, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph are its founders. Netflix allow its users to stream anything online. It has web series, movies and shows from multiple genres.

Netflix does not work offline unless you have not downloaded the content you want to watch later and it requires subscription charges for each type of package that people apply for.

Netflix APK has been developed to resolve this issue of paying highly for the required content. Netflix APK is an improvised product that works similarly as the original app does.

The difference is that it does not ask for any sort of price to be paid in return of the content people want to watch. Secondly, there are many features that are not alike to that of the original app, however they have been reshaped merely to facilitate the audience.

It is one platform that allow people from anywhere to visit it and enjoy either their local entertainment or the one that other industries of the world produce.

Netflix APK makes sure the safety of the user's information as well as the device user want to download it on. Netflix APK is developed to work as an alternative of paid Netflix however more about it can be explored through this article regarding its features and further more.


Search for the latest shows and stream any movie, show, series anytime you want on your preferred device.

Netflix APK allow the users to download without any limitations to watch content offline later.

It does not require any additional charges for subscription and installation.

It has separate content for kids to watch.

Netflix APK keep its audience updated of the newly or to be released content.

With this improvised version one can sign in from 5 devices using a single account.

Interface is smooth and has been set in a way that the recently watched and paused shows are shown first, swiping up will open the categories and swiping left will show the shows in that particular genre.

This app also shows the overview of the shows and the ratings to audience.

Netflix APK has content from different countries and supports multiple languages.

It has got subtitles for those who want to watch shows in another language.


Follow these steps to download the Netflix APK.

Shift to the settings and then the security tab.

Look for the Unknown Source bar and turn it on.

Download the file by tapping onto the download link.

Save the downloaded file in any folder on your device.

Installed the stored file.

Open the file and it will be ready to work after you login with any secondary account.


Installation of the APK is much easier you will just need to follow these instructions.

Allow device to make this download.

Click the link and download the Netflix APK file.

Save the file in any other file of your device.

Install the saved file and wait for a while.

Launch the app and start using after you sign in with any secondary account.


Netflix is a widely used and hyped-up platform for viewing content from across the globe. It is currently serving millions of people by satiating their visual entertainment requirements. Yet, not everyone can afford its subscription charges either yearly or monthly, hence they search for a medium that could provide free of cost joy. Netflix APK is designed to fulfill that desire since it not just have the improvisions done in terms of the features but it also offers free services to the users.


Q. Can we use Netflix APK offline?

Netflix APK can be used offline if you download the content you wish to see later without an internet connectivity.

Q. What is Netflix APK?

Netflix APK is a modified version of the original app that has all the bugs removed and certain changes for the facility of the users have been added to it. Moreover, it does not support any paid subscriptions and advertisements.