Netv Gold Apk

Version v9.8
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Entertainment
Languages English
Developer Hoques_IT
96.8% (532 Ratings)



This application is very entertaining and mainly developed for mobile users. Installing this apk will let users watch stream Live IPTV Channels. This includes Sports, web series, movies, and other Events in offline mode. This software solution is for smartphones, windows, Mac, and PC. To keep the world's information, this apk is updated daily.

This app provides unrestrained merriment if we discuss only a few tabs, but there are bundles of other options. Different applications offer different kinds of entertaining videos. Such as movies, series, and music. So this app provides many more things far from live TV, including sports, News, weather, and more.

We assure everyone enjoys watching TV shows, movies, and sports. You can download this APK to stream Netflix and BlueTooth TV anywhere. If Your Favourite TV show is on TV, you cannot watch it. You ought to download the NETV Gold app. At the same time, you will be watching the series ad-free on your smartphone once it airs.

If you are going through appropriate circumstances and do not have time to watch, this TV app will take you to the movies. This is the first movie-sharing network in all of the cinemas. Clinch that you never miss movies in theatres. Essentially, this is the only sake of this APK. With these events, you can watch documentaries, EBA-TV, sports tournaments, or children's channels at any moment.

More About Net Gold Apk

The main objective of this oak was to bring an alternative forum. Everyone can easily watch online and offline, such as mobile users. Our research on the current situation says the majority of mobile users are not able to use stream channels and videos due to bad internet connections.

Even if we go through current data, most people globally do not have the best access to internet connections. Considering all the problems and requirements, this app was built to let people enjoy watching TV.

Developers of this APK Integrated high-speed top-notch server made this more efficient. Including a refined silhouette will make more reliable data packets over slow internet connections. Moreover, The advanced servers bring high-quality pictures automatically, even if the quality is low.

Key Features Of Net Gold APK

When discussing the features of this app. Then it's not possible to mention every single detail about it. But considering user assistance, we will mention some significant features of this APK.

Non-Stop Video Entertainment On the GO

This app provides you with non-stop video entertainment irrespective of the location or country. When you are in a foreign country and willing to watch your favorite ex- Yugoslavia channels but can’t watch due to the unavailability of those channels in this foreign country then this app comes into play.

This app diminishes all the regional boundary restrictions hindering you and your favorite entertainment. It brings all your favorite content to you wherever you are and keep your video-watching joy on the go.

A Plethora of Channels in a Variety of Categories

This app brings more than 200 X-U TV channels. All the channels are categorized in an organized manner. Categories of channels include Movies, TV shows, Kid's programs, music, and others.

Enjoy Favorite Radio Stations

This app is beyond expectations. In addition to a variety of TV channels, it also brings a list of all your favorite radio stations. So enjoy your favorite music on the go.

Single Click Download

This app comes with a single tap easy download and the file size is not too much hence it won’t take too much of your time.

No Subscription is Required

This app does not ask the users for any sort of subscription or registration. So you don’t have to provide any registration credentials and also there is no need to pay any sorts of subscription charges.

Sports Category

This app does care about the sports lovers and introduced a sports category to give complete enjoyment package for the users. On users' demand, developers added a sports category inside it.

Users Security

Security is always a matter of concern for the users while grabbing any app or game. Thankfully the developers of this app kept the user’s security at top priority. So your personal info as well as your device is completely safe with this app. As this app neither shares your data with anyone else nor has a hazardous factor that may be harmful to the device.

Fast & Powerful Servers

No one likes to wait when it comes to opening or browsing anything on mobile or desktop. This app kept this factor in the eye and included powerful & fast servers. Smooth transmission and high-speed servers are integrated to keep your joy on the go with this app.

User Interface

The user interface is a feature that plays a vital role in the popularity & success of an app. Developers of this app designed a very straightforward and user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. 

Download & Installation

When you download, the android users trust the official website because no fake or third-party apps exist.

Once we knew that the APK was malware free and operational. Then we provide it in public in the download section of users. To download this app click on the download button given on the page.

 Think, if you have purchased a particular TV package and you need to watch it on your smartphone, it means that you have installed this app on your device. However, this APK allows users to watch TV streaming offline on their smartphones.

Besides these, it also allows you to install multiple apps and games to enjoy your life more. You don't need any third products to set a connection with your smartphone if the internet connections are at their peak. There is massive traffic in Downloading this apk. This is a fantastic app with distinctive features that make watching TV fun.


This is an application with unlimited features, and without a subscription, it makes you happy to use it. Mobile users are recommended to download, install and keep it up to date for best use. Feel free to contact app developers when any trouble is seen.

One of the best parts of this application is that the users would not need to register to access their accounts. This means that mostly entraining sites request their users to register their applications. Which country-wise makes it restricted? When the app comes free to stream, then users can stream any videos without any trouble.

The developers also added a custom inbuilt search engine and push button reminders. This search engine will help the users to watch their favorite content in a shorter time. This push button is available in the latest apps.


Q. Is this App free to download from this page?

Yes, you can nab this app without any payment from this page.

Q. Why did you choose Net Gold Apk?

This APK is best because you can view the premium videos for free.


Netv Gold ApkNetv Gold ApkNetv Gold Apk