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Android Version 7.0 and up
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Reface Apk brings amazing fun-filled face swapping, gender-swapping, animation, GIFs, as well as try your face in different images, videos, GIFs, memes and much more. So enjoy the amazing features of Reface Apk to create perfect video & image content for you.

Images & videos are the crazes of every mobile & internet user. People love to create amazing funny videos, images GIFs, animations, memes etc to for using them in their social media circles. Plenty of apps and platforms are there to create & edit images, videos, GIFs and other visual content. Most of the apps and platforms are limited to a small number of features.

But this app doesn't bring any restrictions for the users. You can put your classic selfies into most famous characters, viral videos, and old movie scenes. You can make your images talk, can turn images into GIFs or videos, can try voice-over effects and an unending list of features filled with awesomeness.

 Features of Reface Apk

This app comes with plenty of features which are more than enough to fulfil all the needs of a social media or mobile user for creating funny & wonderful images, videos and much more of their desire. What this app offers and what are its amazing features that will insist you to download this app? Let's find out together.

Smart Face Detection & Extraction

Before trying any sort of effect on your image, or featuring it in any picture, video or GIF the initial step is that the app should detect and extract your face from your image to use it in your desired stuff. Thankfully the app comes with of one the finest face detection technology.The app can easily detect one as well as multiple faces in an image and can extract these faces within seconds to use them in your desired content( i.e image, picture, video, memes, GIF, or animation). The extraction technology is much more advanced than simple cropping your face from your image.

Face-mapping & Morphing Technology

Rather than cropping your face from your image and pasting it in your desired character, image or video, this app uses mapping & morphing technology. Which map you your image face and brings it your desired character in an eerily realistic way with its morphing technology which can stun any user watching your creations via this app.

Face & Gender Swapping

Awesome face detection, face extraction, face mapping, and morphing technology enable a user to get an easy, perfect and instant face-swapping. Users can swap between faces of their own images or can swap the face with any of the huge amounts of top trending & other categorical images & videos.Moreover, the AI tools offered by the app make you able to swap between genders to make it more fun videos and images.

AI tools

AI tools(Artificial Intelligence Tools)  are in great demand due to their smart intelligence and instant processing. This app also includes built-in AI tools which work with perfection. AI tools offered by the app include Revoice, Swap Faces & Animate Faces.Revoice feature enables you to sync in a voice to an image and makes the image talk. A huge amount of different voices are offered to revoice on your images, GIFs and videos.With the Swap Face feature, you can easily swap a face or faces between two different images, you can try a huge amount of pictures offered by the app or can use your gallery images to swap faces with.Animate Face feature enables you to turn your images into moving gifs or short videos. In other work, it serves as a GIF creator. So create as many gifs as you want with your amazing and funny videos.

Try Trending & Viral Videos & Images

Wanna show your face in trending & viral images, gifs, videos, memes, animation or any other top trend? Just go with this app. As this app brings a huge amount of top trending viral videos, memes, images, photos, animations, gifs and much more.You just have to select your desired content, select the image from which you wanna extract the face or via selfie directly with the camera option and click the sync button to get your face in desired content. Moreover, the top trending & viral content is updated regularly to keep you advanced and up to date with new top trends and viral content every day.

Direct Camera Option

If you wanna bring any sort of changes or wanna try any effect, this app always offers you a double option to select your video image or video from the gallery or directly use the camera to take an image & video to directly use it in desired feature or effect.

Huge Amount of Content & Categories

The number of videos, images and gifs is unending and is updated with new top trends and viral content. So the amount is increasing with every update. You can try trending videos, magazine covers, trending images, animations, long videos, multifaced videos, pranks, memes, golden hits, funny reactions, pop songs, posters, and much more.

Categorized Content & Search Bar

all the content is categorized well. The data is organized well into different categories. The categories and content are sorted according to their popularity. As you can find the top trending categories at the top and top trending content in each category at the top. Moreover, a search bar is there to find the desired category, video, image, gif or any other content by just typing its name in the search bar.

Download & Installation

You can easily download the app by just simply tapping the below-given download button which will take you to a download page. Click on the download button on the page you are directed to. Now, wait a few moments to get the downloaded completed. After completing the download, open the file and click on the install button. If you are asked to permit the installation of the app then allow it from the main setting of your device.


In this internet socializing world the most used content on all of the social media apps and platforms are videos and images. People post their amazing and funny videos to social media platforms to get people attracted to them.This app is pretty helpful for social media users as it helps you to create funny and astonishing pictures, videos, animations, gifs, and much more for your social media use. So give a try to this app once, I bet it's going to be the must-have app for your device.


Q. Does this app have any premium features?

Though the app offers plenty of features for free still this app has some premium features that can be unlocked via monthly or lifetime premium subscription.

Q. Can one update it from the play store if he downloads it from here?

Yes, the users are free to update it from the Play Store irrespective of the fact from where they downloaded the app.


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