YoWhatsApp Apk

Version 4.0.3 and up
Android Version v13.20.0
Category Entertainment
Languages English / Russian
Developer Luckavaty
97.97% (541 Ratings)



Communication is critical to surviving in this world, especially with all the technological innovations. You should be able to reach people far away from you in a matter of seconds. The latest technological innovation allows us to achieve our goal in the blink of an eye. WhatsApp is one of the most sought-after apps.

YoWhatsApp is the WhatsApp modification that was initiated to provide more convenient features. It has all the fantastic features that you are potentially searching for. The original WhatsApp is excellent, but it has some features that do not sit well with the users. The privacy policy of WhatsApp is not perfect, and you can find alternative features in YoWhatsApp.

People often fear transitioning to a modified version of an app. Are you skeptical whether or not you should switch to the mod version? You should not be doubtful as it is going to be the best decision of your life.

YoWhatsapp has impressive features that will surely make you forget the original WhatsApp. It is not an app that will take too much space on your phone. Hence, you can use the app freely without any hesitation. Overall, you will have an experience that is worth reminiscing about. Let’s have a look at all the features that this app provides:

Privacy enhanced

We all love some apps, but we cannot use them as they compromise our privacy. There are times when we do not want to talk to a person, but we accidentally click on their message. The blue ticks that appear on the message make our reply to the person.

However, YoWhatsApp gives you the chance to turn off blue ticks so that you can avoid people without them knowing. You can also save the chat even if the other person deletes it. This app’s outstanding feature allows you to control who can call you on WhatsApp and how it does not.

You have full control over privacy and control all the features to communicate with people wisely. You can also freeze your last seen so that people cannot judge you from your online status.


Sometimes, you can get bored with the monotonous background and features. YoWhatsApp has got your back as it allows you to select from a wide range of themes and choose what you like. You can switch the navigation bar, status bar, and different icons to make a customized theme.

It always feels nice to have an app that allows you to add your touch to it. The process of applying themes is also quite simple. You just have to select the background or icon and then hit apply to implement the theme.

Efficient data support

Data support is significant as you do not want to lose your data when migrating to the mod application. The easiest way to tackle efficient data support is to create backups. However, when you move to the mod app, all your chats will be in the backup support.

The app is built quite efficiently, and it provides full data support for the users. On the other hand, it is a great idea to establish a backup in case you lose any data. The data transition is very smooth, and you will face no difficulty in the process.

Easy to use

YoWhatsApp is a very easy to use application. It is the same as the original WhatsApp but more optimized. The app is straightforward to use, and it allows you to reach your acquaintances faster. You can set a different WhatsApp ringtone, which indicates to people that somebody is calling you on WhatsApp.

Full emoji selection

There are a lot of emojis that you can choose from to express your emotions well. You have the option of Facebook emojis, android emojis, explicit emojis as well as GIFs. You can make your conversation even spicier by adding different types of emojis. 

There are emojis for every feeling or expression that you desire to send. Hence, it gets more comfortable for the other person to understand how you are feeling.


Q. Is it safe to use YoWhatsApp?

Yes! It is very safe to use YoWhatsApp; it is an encrypted app that is viable for business conversations.


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