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Version v1744
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Music and audio
Languages English
Developer Chordify B.V.
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In this modern age of technology and development, like other industries music industry has evolved as well. In the old times, people used to enjoy music over CD player and radio that often did not offer a variety of music. However, nowadays, music can easily be accessible to users with an app like Chordify APK. 

This app not only provides a variety of music at the fingertips, but also helps users to learn how to play various musical instruments. It is considered as one of the best apps for music lovers as they can find millions of songs according to their tastes.

This incredible app also offers different levels of learning various musical instruments using chords for its users. Those who are passionate about music but don’t know how to play an instrument can easily learn by using its basic chord for a few days. 

Moreover, if you are someone who already had knowledge of playing an instrument this app also offers advanced chords for learning something new.This app offers a better platform for learning piano, guitar and ukulele online. Also to keep you up to date on your music taste this app has new trendy songs added to the list of songs every week.

Features of Chordify APK

This remarkable app provides you with a number of features that can make your music learning experience even better. Some of the incredible features of this app are listed below.

Easy to learn

This amazing musical app has actually made the learning process easy and enjoyable. This app also introduced the feature of animated view that helped the learners with visual aids. Animated views help users to keep track of whatever is happening in their lesson.This app also provides YouTube links for the users if they face difficulties in learning a note. YouTube integration helps learners to resolve their confusion through visual lessons which are a click away from the learners in this app. Through these amazing features, the learning progress has been significantly increased.

Huge Music library

When you visit this app library, you will get access to approximately 22 million songs. This huge music library will definitely help you in finding the music of your taste. They have a search engine for finding the songs from the huge collection in a blink of an eye. This will also allow users to practice a variety of songs to polish their musical skills.

Supports many musical instruments

This app provides users with millions of different songs along with the chords for three musical instruments including guitar, piano and ukulele. Chords for practicing each of these instruments are certainly different. However, the switching process between the chords is extremely easy and just a click away. This app is designed in such a manner that would make the learning process hustle free for users as we can all agree to the point that learning itself is a difficult process.

Song storage

This awesome multi-feature app offers a large number of songs that might cause a problem if you don’t have a storage feature in this app. This great app comes with a feature of saving your favorite songs in a playlist to save you from the hustle of searching it again and again.This app also helps you to find the music of your taste. After using the search engine twice and thrice for the desired songs this amazing app start suggesting the songs according to your musical taste automatically. These suggestions will help you to personalize the app according to your taste in music.

Adjust the tempo

This great app is suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate music learners as this user friendly app provides you with many options to adjust the tempo of your music chords according to your convenience.This feature is a great help for beginners as sometimes it is difficult to follow the note while playing the chords. Adjusting the tempo will help learners to practice in a better manner.

Offline jamming

One of the great features provided by this app is its offline availability. It has been available with the latest update for iOS users now. Now, poor connectivity and no internet access cannot stop you from jamming along to your favorite songs. This feature also highlights the importance of the saying that “Learning should never stop.”

Chord diagram

This incredible app also comes with the feature of viewing chord diagrams while jamming along with the song. If you are confused at any point, you need to just long-press the chord to view the diagram. This feature helps learners to freshen up the memory of that particular song without interrupting the tempo.

Download & install

To download this app, simply just tap the below given download link button. Wait for completion of download. To avoid prolonged download process, ensure a strong internet connection.After downloading the file, open your device security tab from main setting of your device. Now allow the installation of this app from unknown source and go back to the downloaded file in file or download manger. Open the apk file and tap the install option to complete the process.


No matter what is your taste in music; be it classical, pop, jazz, or rock you will find the music of all genres in Chordify APK. The chords of the various musical instrument offered by this app will definitely make your musical learning experience smooth and pleasant. This great app actually helps music lovers to be connected with their favorite songs all the time and even they can practice the songs using various musical instrument chords to entertain others and experience the greater musical pleasure. Jamming along with your favorite songs using various musical instrument chords provides users with another level of excitement.


Q. How does Chordify app work?

Music enthusiasts specifically design this app for learning music online. This app helps to transform music from different musical platforms and align them to an automatic player of this app.

Q. How can I see chords in Chordify app?

For practicing your favorite song using the chords, you need to search the song using a search engine then you need select from the available options of the various instrument chords for the particular song. In the last, use the chord for playing along with the song.


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