FL Studio Mobile

Version v4.4.2
Android Version Android 3.2
Category Music and audio
Languages English / Russian
Developer Image-Line
77.94% (1904 Ratings)



FL Studio Mobile is a great digital audio workstation app available on android. It works on almost every android device. The interface of this app is in classic FL and mix with modern interface. It has some samples and instruments in it. User can also purchase new samples and instruments from the in-app shop. It is a great music app for every song music editor.

It has a clean, sleek and modern look and every useful feature is already on the screen. All the buttons are in good shape and size for better experience. Bounce the track easily to various formats including .mp3 and .wav. Email your edited track without even saving. Create your own music with this app. Produce music anywhere and anytime easily.

It has high quality and powerful tools. Synthesizers, sampler drum kits and sliced-loop beats are the advance tools of this app. You can use step sequencer for fast percussion programming. It has virtual piano and drum pads to create your own music. It has great quality and your songs will be more professional with this app.

It has so many effects and presets. These effects will enhance your music to new level. Auto Ducker, Auto Pitch, Chorus Compressor, Limiter, Parametric Equalizer, Flanger, Distortion, Reverb, Tuner, Delays, Phaser and Stereoizer are the effects in this app. You can even edit these effects to make your own preset in the app.

It also supports MIDI file import and export. You can easily edit your MIDI file in this app without any problem. Export your edited tracks in different formats such as .wav, .mp3 and Flac. Quality of the music will remain best even after exporting it. It also has mixer feature. You can mix different beats in your track and perform some adjustments.


Q. Can I edit my music in this app?

Yes, you can easily edit your tracks professionally with the help of this app. There are so many effects and powerful tools available to create best and high quality music.

Q. Is it available on Google play store?

Yes. this app is available on google play store but you will need to buy this app in order to download it. It is expensive app but in return, it provides the best track editing tools and effects.

Q. How to download this app for free?

If you want to download this app for free, then download the complete Apk version of the app from our website and install it in your device properly.


FL Studio MobileFL Studio MobileFL Studio MobileFL Studio MobileFL Studio MobileFL Studio Mobile



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