Version v7.4
Android Version Android 4.1+
Category Music and audio
Languages English / Turkish
Developer Rigbak
98.49% (530 Ratings)



Gse IPTV apk is an internet connected medium that provides unlimited entertainment to its users anywhere at any time, with zero charges with regards to its service. It is developed by Droid vision, based in the United Kingdom.

It supplies its users with every type of content there possibly could be, including comedy, adventure, science fiction, and thriller, Fantasy, horror, drama or any other category. It does so when the user connects it with a third party application. So anybody can enjoy whatever they wish to by connecting a stable internet connection thus making it the only thing the user will have to pay for.

Gse IPTV pro apk allows unlimited streaming without any delays. This application has been serving people all around the globe for a few years. It has a user friendly interface that helps in easy navigation. The application allows one to watch content   on it using third party sources.

Gse IPTV apk not only allows streaming facility but also allows one to download their desired content. No power cut will ever come in way of watching one's favourite shows. Without paying a penny, one can watch whatever their heart desires. It is not specific regarding its usage but can be operated at any android device.

Gse IPTV apk not only provides its users with movies and dramas rather also gives a wide range of options of  content, giving choice to the users whether they desire to watch news, award shows, documentaries, live matches, movies, dramas, sports or any of the screen content.

Gse IPTV APK Features


Gse Smart IPTV pro apk supports Chromecast display.

Content Variety:

Gse IPTV apk is a live streaming platform providing its users with a lot of options of contents to watch online. One can enjoy his favorite genre of screen content, including news, sports, movies, live shows, plays, documentaries, highlights, dramas and much more.

Update system:

It keeps on updating its software on a regular basis.

Multiple Language:

Gse Smart IPTV has multiple languages which makes it easier for everyone to relate to and use it.


It allows subtitles for videos in various languages.

No time restrictions:

The user is not restricted with any time limitation for watching their desired content.

Fast installing speed:

The application can be installed in seconds.

HD videos:

The videos are available in high resolution.

Easy User Interface:

GSE Smart IPTV pro apk provides its user with a simple and easy to use user interface that makes the browsing procedure very smooth.


One can watch Bollywood, Japanese, Anime or any other regional content any time.

Live Streaming:

The application allows live streaming of series or news channels.

Dubbed Movies:

Movies dubbed in any language are also accessible.

No Subscription:

No subscription is required in order to watch your desired content.


The user can watch his favorite screen item with great visual quality.

Gadget Compatibility:

GSE Smart IPTV can be operated without any difficulty, on every android gadgets, including Smart TV, Android TV, and much more.

Download for GSE IPTV Apk Android

Download the APK file online by browsing about the free download version of “GSE IPTV indir Apk” Choose the downloading option.

Wait for the APK file to be downloaded.

Installing GSE IPTV Apk file On Android

After the downloading of the APK file, tap on it in order to allow it to start its installation.

If a downloaded file couldn’t be found then search it in your device's download.

Allow your device to accept installation from unknown sources, to do this, visit “Settings” followed by “Additional settings/ more” then to “Developer options” and finally enable the “Unknown sources”.

Now, Open “File Manager”. Go to the “Download folder”. Tap “Gse Smart IPTV apk” file. Click “Next” and select “Install”. After completion of installation, you will see an icon on your home screen.


Gse Smart IPTV apk is an open source platform that allows its viewers to stream their desired shows, news, plays, documentaries, sports or their favorite reality shows anytime, anywhere in the world. It allows uninterrupted telecasts, unlimited streaming in high definition, completely free of charge with 24/7 availability of easy and simple to use navigation. There are various options for changing themes, syncing with their other electronic devices with it, and multiple language usage.


Q. Is Gse IPTV apk safe?

Yes! It is absolutely safe and virus free to download the online version of the APK file of GSE Smart IPTV apk.

Q. Why is Android App Permission needed to download GSE IPTV Apk?

GSE Smart IPTV APK asks for permissions as it requires some changes for the installation of its apk file.