Google Camera APK

Version v8.3.252.381773168.02
Android Version Android 9.0+
Category Photography
Languages English / Indonesian
Developer Google LLC
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Google camera apk is a mobile camera application developed by Google. Google camera apk contains many features as compare to default mobile phone camera app as well as it has a unique sensing feature that allow users to take a picture of anything and google will give them all relevant information about that particular place or thing captured by the camera.

Download Google camera apk to take sharp pictures with easily controlled resolution settings. Furthermore, it has many other unique features such as HDR+ shots, Dual exposure controls, Motion control, Video Stabilization and many more.

Google camera apk is the most downloaded application as it has millions of active users from across the globe. Another reason for its fame is that it always takes care of user reviews and improves its user interface in every update. If you also love photography and do not have a professional camera than do not worry because google camera apk would not disappoint you.

It's amazing and smart camera controls will add attraction to your beautifully captured moments either they are shot at day time or night as it has a smart night mode and quality enhancer mode that makes the picture as well as video quality great.

Google Camera Apk Features

HDR+ Shots:

Download apk Google Camera to get nore clear and sharp images. This feature of the app improves the picture quality making the objects more clarified.

Dual Exposure Controls

Through this feature the users get segregated options for adjusting the brightness and the other for adjusting the quantity of shadows.

Motion Control

This feature will capture 3 seconds video of yours 1.5 before the shot and the half of it after the shot. It will assemble the procession of movements in the form of that short video.

Video Stabilization

It will remove the unwanted distortions from the captured video. The aspect like shaky videos, rapid blurring and out of focus quality will be eliminated.

Amazing Updates

Google Camera Apk keeps up with the users in this regard. It updates each version according to the feedback collected from the users.

Night Sight Mode

Night sight mode helps in capturing clear and sharp pictures in the presence of low lighting. It improves the exposure suitable for the pictures being captured at night.

Portrait Mode

Turning on this mode will make the background blur and the object will be in focus only. Through this feature one can also change the background’s color.


It helps in noise reduction from the pictures as well as those pixels that disturbs the photos captured at night. This feature gets automatically activated while enabling the night mode.

Super Res Zoom

This is to capture high resolution pictures. It does not let the pixels distorted or make the picture get blur. Google also inserts that Pixel 4 has the capability of capturing 8x Zoom.

Frequent Focus Option

Everyone in the picture must look good and this is what this feature is for. At times of capturing group photos especially this feature will remember the faces being unattentive and will capture the best photo of them looking just perfect.

Google Lens

Capture anything through Google Lens including movie posters, location, books, or etc. Google lens will provide with the information of those things you have captured.


Just hold the shutter button still and Google Camera will automatically capture 10 photos in just a second. It will automatically highlight the finest photos for you to keep.

Download Google Camera Apk

Go to the settings option and enable the unknown source option.

Use the link onto this website for downloading Google Camera Apk.

Save the downloaded apk into any folder of file manager.

Install Google Camera Apk

Grant permission to the phone to accept this download if asked.

Download the Apk Google Camera app through the link on this website.

Save the downloaded app anywhere in your device.

Install the Google Camera app and manage settings accordingly.


Google Camera Apk is one if its kind application for those who love photography. It has got multiple features like Night sight Mode, Astrophotography, Portrait mode, and many more for professionally captures pictures and well-filmed videos.


Q. Is Google Camera Apk safe?

Google Camera Apk is absolutely safe it has been tested already and is clean of viruses.

Q. What is Google Camera Apk?

Google camera apk is a mobile camera application developed by Google. It is mainly for Google devices but this Apk has made it accessible to Android devices also.


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