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Version v3.12.21
Android Version Android 5.1+
Category Photography
Languages English
Developer Linerock Investments LTD
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It is a photo editing lab that is your professional mobile asset to edit photos of various formats and to add different sorts of beauty, artistic, & other editing effects. The app not just restrict you to these effects but also allows you to add text in different styles, combine different photos to make photo collage,Though the camera technology is at its best and mind-blowing camera products can be found in the market but those are very costly as well as don’t allow to try different amazing effects that are offered by editing apps.

 So to make glorious and charming photos for your wall frame pictures, social media use, or family album, you do need a photo editing app. Nowadays, it’s been a daily routine of every mobile user to capture pictures and post them on social media. For making those social media creations more attractive to other users you have to edit them in some way with an editing app.

Photo Lab Pro Apk is one of the finest recommendations in regard to editing photos on mobile as the app gives a professional edited look to your daily life clicks to make them most lavishing and charming. So if you are also a photo lover and create & post many photos on social media then this app will prove very assistive to enhance the charms of your photos with a huge amount of editing effects and products offered.

Features of Photo Lab Pro Apk

A pro version editing app has everything in it that a photo lover wants to use while editing his photos. The features of the app that bless your photos with charms & beauty are as under.

Photo Lab’s Filters & Effects

Photo filters & effects are among the prior demands of every user because filters bring a ready-made pre-edited change to your photos by just selecting a filter only. This app comes with photo filters & photo effects in excess of 700. So pick filters & effects of your own choice according to your images to bring the desired changes in them.Try a wide array of background effects to make adjustments to your photo background. Along with background effects, you can also try different headwear, monsters, celebrity, seasonal, colored-base and plenty of other categories of effects.

Graphics with Unique Elements

This app offers a very unique gallery of graphics. Explore the graphics offered by the app to try them for your photos as each of the graphics is a special combination of unique elements.

Variety of Frames to Try

Photo frames are the in-demand elements and have been used from traditional paper photo & their editing era. A photo frame is one of the initial edits ever tried for a photo. This app comes with an authorized amount of photo frames to glorify your image. A huge variety of photo frames is offered in different categories to choose from.

 Try Iconic Faces for Your Photos

Hole effects of this editing app enable you to try out a huge amount of iconic faces of the eras in your photos. So try any of the faces from the faces of Spiderman, Iron man, Kingsman, Darth Vader, Mona Lisa or plenty of other celebs, historic and other iconic personalities.

 Photo Collage

Photo collage is an editing asset that allows you to fit plenty of different photos in a single image. The photo collage feature offered by this app is unique & awesome in many ways, as the app offers a variety of photo collage designs with different amounts of photos and different photo arrangements. Moreover, the app just does not offer a huge design of photo collages in different aspect ratios but also allows you to try different editing effects & changes for each photo of your photo collage.


A photomontage is an artistic technique used to combine parts/pieces of a photo or is a combination of different photos. It is probably the most ancient artistic effect in photography, as a photo is actually made up of small pixels joined together. In this app’s photomontage feature, you can montage your photos in any other photos e.g you can montage your photo on any magazine cover or can make a gift card from a simple postcard.

Add Text to Your Photos

On Instagram or other social media networks, photos are a way of expression for your feelings. But photos are not expressive enough to tell the entire story and you have to add a caption to express the story of an image. How about adding text within a photo using stylish & colorful text fonts rather than adding an odd caption to express the story.The app allows you to add text of your choice to your photos. You can use a huge amount of different famous collections of text fonts as well as a complete range of colors for your stylish text. Moreover, you can keep your text at any position & posture in the photo.

User Interface

The interface of the app is very easy to use and very user-friendly. The bottom of the interface contains four icons that are for categories, popstars, feed and my profile respectively. While the top of the interface has a search bar in the top right corner to search different effects, filters, & or any other editing assets by just typing the name in the search bar. Moreover, each of the icons gives organized content by clicking on it.

 Privacy & Security

The app is 100% secure and comes with a complete surety of users' privacy. The trust of millions of users all around the globe and the presence of the Photo lab app in Google’s Play Store library insures the privacy & security of this amazing editing gadget.


The pro version of the app is well compatible with all sorts of brands of android devices.

 Download & Installation

To install the app for your android device just go with these simple steps.

  • Tap the download button and wait for the completion of the download which may be 1-2 minutes prolonged.
  • After downloading the app turn on the permission of app installations from unknown sources.
  • You can allow this permission by turning on unknown source installations from the device setting ≥ security ≥ Unknown source.
  • Now switch to the file manager to locate the downloaded app file.
  • Open the file to complete installation on your android device by a tap on the install button.


Posting photos to social media users and attracting others via these photos for getting fame on social media is the passion of every social media lover. If you are social media personnel and struggling for fame on social media then give a try this amazing photo editing app as your photos of the basic way of attracting an audience towards you on social media.This app makes your photos lavishing, glorious, attractive and extraordinary with its outstanding professional editing effects and assets. So try a huge amount of photo filters, effects, photo collages, photomontages, text designs, and much more to make your photos glorious and rock on social media platforms with your extraordinarily edited images with this app.


Q. Is Photo Lab Pro available on Google Play Store?

Although the photo lab is available on the play store, it won’t be a pro version. If you are willing to grab this additional features containing pro version then you can grab it and also update it from this page.

Q. Is the Pro version of Photo Lab free to use?

Yes, you can take advantage of all the features of this pro app for free.


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