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Version v1.1.4
Android Version 5.0 and up
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Remove BG Apk is a background removing app which automatically and instantly removes backgrounds from your images. All is so easy and instant that one won’t believe that this app removes the background from your image within 5 seconds. All you need is to upload the image from which you wanna remove the background. Within a few seconds, this app replaces this background with a transparent one. Now you can add any image from your gallery as background in place of transparent background.

This is an era completely revolutionized by technology. We have modern means of communication such as social networking platforms. On these social media networks, sharing photos is everyone’s crush. Every social media user wanna attract more and more public with their attractive photos.

This app helps social media users to decorate their photos & images and make them attractive by allowing them to remove odd original backgrounds and replace them with stunning and attractive ones. In previous background erasing apps users have to remove the unwanted portions of images manually which was tricky and difficult to remove perfectly. But this is a next-level background removing app which automatically removes the whole background in 5 seconds.

How does it work?

It works in 4 easy steps.
⦁ Upload the image you are willing to edit. Once the image is uploaded and processed by the app, go to the top right corner of the interface to locate the ‘edit’ button and click on it.
⦁ Now remove the background of the image. You can save this image without any background or can add another background.
⦁ You can choose from transparent & colorful backgrounds offered by this app or can select any of the photos from your gallery as background.
⦁ Once you have selected the desired background and are satisfied with it, click on the download button which will save this image with new background into your gallery.

Advantages of Remove BG APK

This is a very advantageous background remover app. Some of its amazing features and advantages are listed here.

Background Customization

As I mentioned earlier, this is not just a background remover. It also you to customize the photo background. You can remove the background, can save photos without any background, or can add any of your favorite images as a background.

Effortless & Time-Saving

In traditional & old photo editors and background removers, one has to manually cut the unwanted portion of the image which causes issues. Especially cutting the edges around hair and face was very tricky and this manual editing took too much time.

But the technology's brilliance behind the functioning of this app is mind-blowing. The app picks the foreground from the background as easily as you pick a fly from the glass of milk. You can change the background within 5 seconds without any manual cutting. This app automatically removes your photo background and also allows you to replace you with a stunning one. That also instantly in seconds without making any effort.

High-Quality Images

Most of the previously used photo editors and background remover apps do contaminate the foreground of the image, especially hair and face edges. The quality of images is also disturbed by those traditional apps.

But with this amazing background remover, high-quality images are produced as it operates with an automatic technology that removes the background and replaces it with the transparent one. Hence neither any portion of the foreground object is disturbed nor the quality of the image is changed.

No Need for a PC

Traditionally the background of photos & images was changed, modified, removed, or replaced on computers using professional editing software like adobe, photo lab, or photoshop. Even for this purpose, one must require a blue or green color actual background to replace it with beautiful backgrounds.

But with Remove BG Apk, you can easily replace, remove or modify the background of your images on your mobile. So you don't require any PC, professional software, or any blue or green actual background.

Remove Background on Desktop

If you don't have any professional photo editing software on your PC or laptop, you can remove your background using the official site of this app( remove. bg ).

Free of Cost

Enjoy the ultimate background removing experience without any cost. This background remover comes to you at a price of 0.000$ which means you don't have to pay a penny even.

Unlimited BG Removing

This app does not limit you to a defined number of images rather you can remove the background of as many photos as you want.

Verified by Google Play

This app is protected and verified as secure by Google Play. this app is also decorated in the gallery of the Play store but you can also grab it from our website as the app is 100 % secure to download as well as use.

Download & Installation Process

This process is as easy as the use of this app. Just click on the given download button in the article. It will take less than a minute due to the very small size of the apk file. Once the download is done, proceed to the installation of the app.

Open the downloaded file and tap on the install. It will open a popup asking for permission for installation. Click on the setting in this popup which will get you to the main setting of your device. Allow installation of this apk file only from this unknown source. Now go back and tap again on the installation button to complete the installation of this app.


If you are a social media lover and love to attract people with your amazing photos then Remove BG Apk is going to be a lot more than a helping tool for you.

Remove odd backgrounds in your photos and replace them with beautiful natural sceneries, park views, beach views, beautiful buildings, and famous celebrities. With the amazing automation technology of this app, remove and replace photo background effortlessly within seconds without any manual removal. So enjoy unlimited background removing and replacing for your photos and images instantly without any effort or cost.


Q. Can I use this app on the Desktop?

No, this app is designed for android devices only. You can remove the background of photos on your desktop via the official site of this app.

Q. Can I update this app from the Playstore?

Yes, you can update this whenever you want from the Google Playstore.


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