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Vimage Apk is the best photo editing platform to create cinematographic in-motion photos, animation & GIFs. So give breathing motion to your motion-less static photos & images with the best app in this regard.

Plenty of social media circles have become the way to communicate with the world as well as to earn a lot of money. The users which are popular on different social media sites are heavily paid by these sites. In such a situation, every social media user is trying to get popular in the social media circles by attracting more & more users.  Posting images & photos on these socializing sites are the way to get fame.

For this purpose, users edit their photos & images in a way that could attract the other users. To edit photos & images, one can find a plethora of photo editing apps as well as online photo editing platforms. But most of the apps & platforms do not meet the user’s requirements as many of them fail to maintain the quality of images, some limit the users to very few editing effects or have any sort of other restrictions.

But VIMAGE is one of the finest finds for any photo editing lover. As it is a lot more than a photo editing app. The app allows the users to edit their photos with the best image quality as well as to blow life to the images by giving them a moving animated & cinematic touch.

Features of VIMAGE Apk

VIMAGE comes with a plethora of editing, animating & many other features. Let’s check out the features of the app that make it the best in the business.

3D & Animated Photos

This app offers users to create animated 3D photos. As the powerful quality enhancer changes your normal quality photos to high-quality 3D photos. You can turn your photo into a breathing animation. As the animation effects offered by the app change the static & still image into an in-motion animation.

You can add plenty of more effects, filters and preset editing effects to these images. Moreover, the 3D zoom feature enables you to zoom in on your moving photos at different angles and aspect ratios.

Apply Different Effects & Filter

Animate & decorate your images with plenty of filters & effects offered by the VIMAGE. Try plenty of effects including fog, falling leaves, rain, steam, rainbow and many more. Try Budapest, Newyork, Moscow, Paris and plenty of other preset filters to give your photos a different coloured touch

.You can choose the part of the image you wanna keep still & part of the image you wanna bring in motion. Also, you are free to select different available movements for the moving part of your image. The stretch function allows you to choose the part of the image you wanna stretch in either way.

Magic Sky

Try plenty of stormy, Dramatic, Bright & fairy sky effects offered by the app. You can choose from more than 100 available sky effects to bring in your desired moving sky effects to your images.

Basic Photo Adjustments

In addition to special 3D, animation & motion effects, this app also allows to manage all the basic photo adjustments. You can set the brightness, saturation, contrast, & color of the photo accordingly. You can adjust the blur of your image. Control the RGB score of your image by adjusting the basic Red, Green & Blue colors of your image.

Add Text to Your Moving Animations

Make your animated images more expressive by adding text to your photos. Plenty of font styles are available to make your animated image story more expressive. You can select different colors for your text, text backgrounds, and opacity of your text, and can position your text anywhere in the image at any angle.

Make your animations & Photos Talking with Sounds & Music

Wanna make your animations talk, Just do it with the sound and music feature of this app that allows you to add customized sounds & music. You can select a piece of music from the music library offered by this app or from your device storage. You can select the start or end point of music, duration of the music, and delay time of the music.

Join a VIMAGE Community & Participate in a Contest

VIMAGE is a popular brand in the photo editing world and has an extended social circle. So join the VIMAGE community on different social media platforms by searching #VIMAGE on these platforms.

You can join the VIMAGE community page on different social media platforms without any sort of registration and can take part in different contests held by VIMAGE on these social media groups and pages. So try to make the best of animations with this app and take part in your best creations in those contests. Also, it gives you a chance to observe the editing skills of others and improve your own editing skills.


This app allows you to edit your photos and create 3D animations without any sort of watermark. However, it allows you to add text to the photo. So you can add a customized watermark by adjusting the opacity & position of your text in the photo.

Completely Ads Free

The app has restricted completely all the commercial ads so that there’s no hindrance to the unlimited photo editing experience of the users.

Download & Installation

To download this amazing photo editing & animation asset just click the linked download button. The app sizes above 85 MB and may take 2 to 4 minutes for download depending on the connection quality of the internet. 

Once your download is completed, go to your device setting and allow the installation of apps from an unknown source only for this app. After permitting installation, go to your file manager. Locate the download file and open it to complete the installation by clicking the install button.


If you are a social media lover and looking for a perfect photo editing app that can edit your photos in the perfect way to make them attractive to other social media users so that you could enhance your followers on the social media platforms, then this is finest find for you.

Grab the VIMAGE apk now and edit your photos, create 3D animations, add text to your animation & photos to make them expressive, add your favorite music to your photos, and try plenty of effects, filters, and font styles, magic sky effects, and much more. So join the VIMAGE community and rock-on world with your amazing edits & animation creations.


Q. Is there any asset store to get different assets?

Yes, the app has assets to download & unlock.

Q. Is this app free to edit photos?

Yes, edit unlimited photos & animations with this app for free.