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Android Version 5.0 and Up
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Igtools Apk is an application to boost up your Instagram account with auto followers, likes, comments and many other services. Within no time, this app provides unlimited followers of your Insta profile and likes & comments for your posts.

Instagram is the craze of social media users. Millions of users on Instagram are gaining popularity and making a lot of money. Most Instagramer try different expensive cameras, tools and much more to make attractive content so that they could get followers and likes.

If you are an Insta user and struggling for popularity on this platform. Tried out many followers booster apps and are tired of them, then this app is perfect for you. Unlike other apps which provide fake people & IDs as your followers, this app comes with a cent per cent organic users in your follower list. So just download this app and boost your Insta followers list with organic and real users. Moreover, the app also enhances likes and comments on your photos, videos, and all other posts.

Features of IgTools APK

This application brings unlimited followers on Instagram and encloses unlimited features in it as well. Some of its most eye-catching and worthy features are as under.

Guaranteed Unlimited Real-time Followers in No Time

Most follower boosting apps for Instagram rely on fake users which are easily detected by strong and powerful Instagram security servers and are dropped from your follower's list. Moreover, it also risks your account getting banned. But Igtools equip your followers' list with real-time organic and original users.

Other apps increase your followers to a restricted number but with this app, you won’t face any restrictions. You can enhance your followers as much as you want. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for your follower's boost. As this app starts adding up users in your followers list instantly and you can get thousands of followers in no time.

Auto Likes

Likes on your posts are worthy to earn you fame on Instagram. More likes on your posts mean the more popular you are on Insta. This app also enhances likes on your photos and videos via its auto like features. These likes on posts also attract & urge other users to like your posts and follow you on Instagram.

Auto Comments

Comments on posts show how much you are loved by the audience. This application tool also provides you with amazing comments on your posts with its auto comment service. You can send plenty of text as well as emoji comments for your post on Insta through this auto comment feature.

Enhance Your Live Viewers

Live broadcasting is getting popular among social media circles. Like most the other apps, Instagram also introduced live streaming & broadcasting feature for its users. The Instagram user can go live to steam and broadcast and also invite others to watch his live broadcast.

But with this app, you don't have to invite others to watch your live streaming rather this app automatically enhances viewers for your live stream party. So grab this app now to increase your live viewers.

Increase Story Viewers

Short stories and reels have become a very infamous asset on all social media networks. Almost every user of every social media platform posts a photo, text or video as a short story or reel on different social media platforms. On Instagram, short stories are also very popular and users try to post the best of their short videos and photos to Insta story to get more and more viewers.

This tool enables you to increase your story viewers automatically as it does for live viewers. Enhance viewers on your short stories on Instagram via this auto viewer boosting feature of this application.

Poll Votes

Social media platforms are extensively used for creating different vote polls to get the opinions of other social media users. Instagram also allows its users to create these polls for voting and acquiring the opinions of others. With the poll votes feature of this IgTools apk, you can send as many votes to your poll as you want

Send Likes to Your Comments

This is yet another tricky but amazing feature of this tool. This feature allows you to send likes on your comments either on your own posts or your comments on others’ posts.

What Is Required?

This app is only compatible with android devices. iOS devices keep this app far away. So you can only use it on android devices. All you require is an android device, a stable internet connection, and the need to login into this app via your Instagram user & password and you are all set to boost your Insta ID.

Free of Cost

All the above mention services and features are free to use. You can download this app for free also, but there are some premium features in the premium mod for which one has to pay real money.

Safe to Use

The app is completely free from harmful glitches, bugs or viruses. Moreover, it does not breach the privacy rules of Instagram, hence keeping your Insta account safe and risk-free.

Download & Installation

This site offers a one-click download. The size of the app is less than 7MBs so you will get it within a few seconds.

After completing the download, go to the setting of your android device. Search for the Security menu in the setting. Open this security menu and turn on the installation of apps from unknown sources. Now go to the downloaded file, open the apk file and tap on the install to get the done installation.


If you are an Instagrammer and have struggled a lot to boost your account but in vain. Then this IgTools APK is the perfect solution to all your problems and the ripped fruit of all your struggles to boost your Insta ID.

Grab Igtools APK now and start getting unlimited followers on Instagram. Moreover, hit plenty of likes, comments and shares on your posts. Enhance your live viewers as well as viewers on your insta stories. Cast as many votes as you want in your vote poll hit likes on your comments and money on other exciting services for free.


Q. Is this app available on the Play Store?

No, this app is not available on Play Store but you can easily get it from this page.

Q. Can Igtools APK be used for PC?

No, you can’t use this on your personal computer.


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