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This is an Instagram assist that helps you to save different sorts of videos, photos and Insta stories etc. This app gives a convenient one-tap method to save any of your desired insta content into your device directly. The best part of this app is that it does all the work without leaving a trace behind, so you are always secure with this app to download Insta videos and save Insta stories.

Instagram is one of the leading social media brands in the world enclosing an ocean of users. Despite enjoying such huge popularity, Insta still limits its users from certain features due to some of its privacy policies. So on Insta, you can’t download any video or post, can’t save a story or open anyone’s profile image, can’t repost anyone’s post and many other limitations.

Overcome all of these limitations faced on Instagram with this amazing Lili app. This app assists its users to download, photos, images, & stores, watch others' profiles, and open any video with the built-in video player included in this app, reposting different posts with your own caption, copying or pasting text pieces in captions and many other.


This app brings a plethora of features to overcome all the limitations faced on Insta. Let’s see what features are offered by the app for its users.

Story Saver

One of the basic major features of this app is to save Insta stories of different Insta users. This feature is missing in IG because in the official app of Insta you can only view the story rather than save it. But here you can save a story to repost it directly or can download any desired Insta story photo or video into your local device storage.

If you missed any of your favourite Instagramers, you can also download it from highlights in the Insta Profile of your desired Insta user.

Download Posted Videos & Photos

On Instagram's official app, you just scroll through different posted videos & photos and only you can watch those posts. If you liked any posted video or photo you can do nothing except take screenshots of photos.

But with this app, you are free from all sorts of limitations as it enables you to download all your desired photos and images into the storage of your device directly. So if you like any photo or video of Instagramer and are willing to grab it into your device then just one tap is all you need to grab that video or photo.

Re-post different Post

This app allows you to repost your own posts with a caption as well as different posted photos & videos of other Instagram users. Instagram restricts you from re-share anyone's post or adding captions to this post. But you can feel free to repost unlimited posts of your own as well as other users.

Watch & Save Profile Picture

Official Insta only has a profile picture avatar of small size & you can’t even open it. But this app will also assist here as well. With this Lili app, you can not only open any profile image but can also save it to your device easily maintaining the original quality of the image.

Open & watch any Video

Insta videos are only for watching, you can’t open those videos or do anything with them. This app will also help you to cross this barrier too. Now, you can open videos on Insta to watch them with its built-in video player that allows you to pause, resume, reverse, or forward Insta videos.

Download List

The download list of this app helps you to access downloaded videos and photos easily. You can directly access all your downloads to use them for reposting on Insta.

Fast & Secure App

This app is very secure as it does not notify the users that you have downloaded their video or photo. So you don’t have to worry at all when you are on this app as it works within the defined privacy policies of Instagrammers.

User Interface

One thing that makes this app very popular and fast is its user interface which is quite similar to Insta’s official app and Insta stories are also decorated at the top as you see in the official app of Instagram.

So all you need is to install this app login with your Instagram login credentials and start scrolling as you do in the Instagram app. But here you are assisted with a download button to grab any of the videos while scrolling.


You don’t have to go through any registration or signup process, rather you can enter the app via your login credentials for Instagram or Facebook. If you are logged in to your Instagram account or Facebook account already then all you need is to select with which account you wanna log in to this app. As you select any of your Instagram or Facebook accounts, you will be enjoying this app soon.


Only android users can use this app to enhance their Insta joy, iOS or desktop users won’t be able to use this fully featured app.

Download & Installation

This app is not available on the official app store of Google and you have to grab it from here. To download, this app for your android touch the download button included on this page to proceed with the download within seconds. It will take few seconds for download due to small size of this app file.

Now, go to your device setting to permit unknown source installation permission from your device’s security tab in the ‘setting’ menu and proceed with the installation of the app.

Final Verdict

Lili app is an all-in-one solution for you to overcome all the limitations you are facing on Instagram. Enjoy watching unlimited videos on Instagram, download posted videos & photos, save stories, watch & save profile images, copy/paste captions, repost different posts of your own profile or other users, manage your downloaded photos & videos, reshare them directly and enjoy plenty of more amazing features of this app that make you a lot superior than other users of Instagram.


Q. Is it safe to download photos and videos with this Lili app?

We, highly recommend taking permission from users before downloading their images or videos. Downloading images & videos without permission is totally at your own risk.

Q. Does this app ask for any in-app premium purchases?

No, you won’t experience any paid in-app purchases as all the features of this app are completely free to use.


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