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Instagram is an extensively used and diverse application which has a lot of features. Recently instagram has many new features in the latest update. But people like to use some old features such as to unsend a text that is not available now in the recent or latest version. So for such requirements, there is a version of instagram which is Old Instagram APK.

Old Instagram, as the name suggests, is the oldest version of instagram having all the old features, options and look. You can easily access your favorite old features in this app. Here you'll be provided with the easiest option to unsend a text and also different old options to post reels and snaps. So get it now if you want it again.

What is meant by the Old Instagram APK?

Nowadays Instagram is used by every single person. It is the fastest growing application and platform for entertainment and doing online businesses. Many of the instagram versions have been updated. People like some features from the old version, so this application Old Instagram APK has been designed to get all the previous versions which are easy and accessible for you.

What are the best features of the Old Instagram APK?

Old interface

Recent instagram versions have many new features that are not easy and understandable. This is a major problem for some people. This app's old instagram apk provides you an easy interface.

Easy interface

This interface is user friendly, it can be assessed by everyone. It shows you all the simple ways of uploading your content, amazing filters and useful options.

Unsend your texts

When you are texting on Instagram, there are many situations when you need to unsend the text. New versions have removed this option of deleting Instagram invitations. You can unsend a text but can't unsend an invitation. Thus, you can download old Instagram apk to unsend any text before the acceptance of request.

Upload videos

Instagram allowed for uploading simple videos, but the recent version only allows reels. if you want to get all these similar features,get your old Instagram apk now.

Simple options

Options provided by old instagram are easy and accessible for everyone. If you are finding difficulties in using the new version, have an Old Instagram APK.

Old filters

People liked some old filters more than new. These are not present in the recent one. To get your favorite Instagram filters, you can access this application to get them.

Easy collabs

You can make easy collabs and pr posts with this app. Thus, you can promote your small businesses easily. Instagram is known widely as a content platform.

Full of entertainment

This works effectively to provide you all time entertainment on your feed. If you are accessing a particular type of content, it will give you all the options related to it.

Instagram rules

Older versions had less rules and regulations that don't avoid your content. If you want to access your content easily on Instagram, get old features.

What's new in the Old Instagram APK?

New story filters and effects

For creating beautiful stories and filter effects, you can get this old instagram that provides you with a major variety to access. It has new story designs to create beautiful and attractive stories.

Blocked ads and ban

There are no banning and promotions features in this app. You can use it easily without any harm and risk.

All features

This includes all the features for your Instagram that make this application a pro one.

Delete message invitations

If you accidentally sent a DM, and want to unsend it but it is not possible in the new version, get the old version. It will allow you to delete the text without notifying the other person. You can login your account here to complete the task.

Why get an Old Instagram APK?

This version of instagram is actually easy to access and deal with. It has all the features old and new so it provides an ease for the people. It has a simple and attractive user interface. Thus it feels the same as old updates of Instagram with something new.


Don't worry if you don't find it easy to use the new version of instagram. Download the safe and secure Old Instagram APK which is simply an old version of instagram. It gives you all the same features of Instagram with old useful features. It is free to download from APK. Enjoy your own version.


Q. Is old instagram a verified app?

This is an Instagram app, just an old version. It has all the rules, features of Instagram. It is a real application to use; a real apk version.

Q. Is the Old Instagram APK compatible with Windows?

To get the windows compatible version of instagram, you can download the old Instagram pc apk which is compatible with every window, pc and laptop.


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