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Version v6.3.9.6
Android Version 5.0 and up
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Languages English
Developer Rooter Sports
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Rooter is an online game streaming app where you can easily watch live game stream or you can also stream your games free of cost. The new generation has become obsessed with Watching and streaming live games. Every teenager loves gaming, I mean who doesn’t? And at some stage they might consider streaming their own game but are not sure where to start,this is the perfect app to stream all your games online with no charges. There are plenty of gaming platforms with premium memberships but the rooster is completely free to download and stream.

This app is India's fastest and most successful streaming app with over 10 million downloads. You can watch other live games streaming, stream or own and can participate in a contest to win exciting cash prizes and additional features like new skins or characters and so much more.

Ever wondered what it would be like if there was a way to find people with similar sports interests around you? A person that will support the same team or same player like you? Enjoying matches all alone at home seems boring. You can change the way you follow with Rooter. Get connected with friends & buddies with similar sports interests.

Features of Rooter APK

Time to talk about the amazing features that are very easy and user-friendly. The in-app features and graphics are phenomenal. You can earn coins easily and can earn rewards after completing a certain number of coins.

 Stream your favourite games like Among Us, Battlegrounds Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile CODM, Free Fire, Fortnite, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, eFootball, Mobile Legends, Clash Royale, FIFA, GTA, etc. With this amazing app.

Easy to Use

The features are easy to use especially for those users that are new to gaming and streaming. Just adjust the front camera of your phone and can stream any game.

Stream Anytime Anywhere

The best part about rooter? It is not limited to a certain time or area. You can stream and watch game lives at any time and anywhere. Whether it’s noon or midnight, you can always watch your favourite game streaming or can play your live gaming stream on rooter and people with similar interest in games will join you and will be ready to support you in your live game streaming.

Audio Rooms to Connect

If you are streaming with your team and want to connect or chat with them, rooter’s audio room feature will allow you to chat and connect to your team while playing and streaming the live game to give you a great streaming experience. Or if you are watching a live stream, you can easily chat with the other viewers and can share your opinion.

Overlays & Tools

The overlays setting in this app have many tools to make your experience as great as possible. The overlays tools help in providing the perfect live streaming to the viewers. You can easily access the tools in the overlay option. Just click on overlay and you can avail all their tools and features.

Watch Videos

Not in the mood to watch or stream game lives? Now you can also watch normal gaming videos on the app. Or have you missed your favourite streamers’ live? You can now easily watch the gaming videos that you have missed even after the streaming has ended with high HD resolution.

Upload a Video

You can also upload your videos without the need to stream them live. Just record your gaming videos and upload them to let others watch.


You can add thumbnails to your uploaded videos and stream the game live to make them more appealing and to attract the audience and fellow streamers to swatch your videos. The more viewers the more chances you have to win many coins and rewards.


You will earn coins and rewards every time you join a live game stream or stream your live gaming sessions. There are multiple ways in which you can earn coins and rewards while you are using the application. You can win multiple coins and rewards by watching the videos and live streams for a certain duration of time.

If you want to earn more coins, you can create your channel and upload videos and live streaming. With the earned money you can buy various game characters, their outfits or skins to make your future game streaming even better. The more views and audience you have, the more coins you will earn. Engage as many people as you can by streaming regularly and by remaining active on your channel.

HD Resolution

The rooter; live gaming and streaming app, allows you to watch your favourite streamers and game videos or to stream your video at 1080p. You can stream only high resolution because this app does not support low-resolution content and streaming. This app believes in providing high-resolution videos and lives to streamers. If you are connected to good and high-speed internet, you can never get a lag or glitch because this app does not have any bugs in their application

Redeem Earned Coins

You can redeem all the coins you have earned. You can either use it in buying content and a new feature or you can get real money in exchange for the coins.

Pop-up Ads

The only feature this app needs to fix are the pop-up ads during videos and live streaming. These ads can be pretty annoying.


This app is well compatible with both iOS & Android devices and is available on Apple’s official app store as well as Play Store.

Download & Installation

If you are an iOS user then go to Apple app store and search ‘Rooter’ in the search bar to get the app while android users can get this from Playstore by typing the app’s name in search. Android users can also go for quick download from this page as well by clicking the download button included in the article. If you are an android user and going to grab it from here then make sure that your unknown source installation toggle is on in security tab of your device setting.


This app is the most successful online game streaming app. You can easily enjoy any gaming streams with high resolution or you can also stream your own gaming session and can win many coins and rewards.


Q. Can you make real money with rooter?

Yes! You can redeem coins and rewards and can make real money

Q. Is rooter free to use?

Yes, this app is completely free to use.


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