Vegol TV Apk

Version v1.0.2
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Sport apps
Languages English / Russian
Developer Ollo App
94.99% (559 Ratings)



Are you a sports fanatic who loves to spend their Sunday watching gaming matches? Well, if you are a sports fanatic then you are not alone. Many people enjoy sports and like to keep up with all the things currently going on.

If you feel agitated when someone does not let you watch tv, you should install the Vegol TV app. The app is phenomenal, and it has a lot to offer to its users. Through this app, you can watch a significant number of sports without anyone stopping you.

Vegol app has a lot of features that feel surreal and too good to be true. You can watch a lot of sports on a single tv app without any issues. However, you have to download the app first by using some precise steps.

Vegol TV offers various options to its users that make them have the best sports experience. If you are a busy person who gets cramped up at work, you must download it. You can listen to all the exciting news on the go without compromising your work.

Watch all kinds of sports.

Some people only like cricket or basketball; however, others like every sport. Well, the Vegol TV app is something for everybody. You can watch a tennis game as well. You name any sports; they have it.

You can stream basketball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer games, etc. There are a variety of categories that target different games or events. You can also search for any sports from ages ago and re-watch to satiate your gaming desires. You will have so much fun watching games with your close friends and family.

Establish a favorites list

Do you often have to deal with a situation where you have to find a particular show all over again? Well, the Vegol TV app is designed with smartness to integrate user-inference. It has all the options that can make your experience better.

You can make a favorites list of yours in which you can add all the games you like or series you were previously watching. The match will start from where you left it when you were watching it last time. This saves a lot of your time, which is spent trying to find the series you watched.

No ads

Ads are probably the most annoying thing when you are invested in watching a match. Some websites are very irritating as you have to watch the non-skippable ad continually. Hence, you have to endure the slow torture because they are airing your favorite show.

Vegol TV is one of the most phenomenal sports media apps as they do not display any third-party app. You can now watch the game you desire without getting interrupted by the annoying ads. You can also invite your friends over for an excellent game night.

No buffering

Earlier, the internet connection used to be so slow that you had to watch 30 minutes to watch a 10 minutes video. However, technological invention is slowly making things bearable for us. It is so annoying when some apps keep on buffering and displaying the series correctly.

Vegol TV has got you sorted if you want to watch a match. The app is built intuitively so that you can gain maximum benefits from it. There is no buffering in the app, and the video plays seamlessly. Now, you can spend your weekend with popcorn while watching your favorite match.


Safety is probably the biggest concern of anyone who has been through a horrible mobile phone collapse. People face a lot of issues regarding apps and hidden bugs. Vegol tv app is entirely safe to use, and you can download it within your phone without any hassle.

It has an encryption policy, which helps in reducing the danger of security threats. This app does not interfere with any of your phone’s functionality. It does not slow down your phone at all, and it does not even take a lot of space.


Q. Is the Vegol tv app free of cost?

Yes, the Vegol tv app is free of cost, and you can download it on your phone without any hardship.


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