VK Coffee

Version v8.03 beta
Android Version Android 4.1
Category the Internet
Languages English / Russian
Developer OPERATOR_555
98.65% (520 Ratings)



VK Coffee is a great application for VKontakte social network fans. There are many great and useful features available in this application. It is officially available for android devices. It is the modified app for official VK clients.

User can make himself online forever and there are many more fun functions available. Users can set the statuses online or offline manually which is great and convenient. Get the ability to set the password on profile to make it more secure. Easily download the music tracks on the phone.

View photos and video content offline. Users can also hide the status of the messages without any problem. Read messages of friends without letting them know because messages will remain unread. This app is optimized for every smartphone and it only works with VK apps. This app is much better than the official version of VK client app.

Users can see the actual time of the person when he has visited your page or profile. There are no annoying ads in this app. Users can easily publish posts offline. Get the feature to set a code on each menu of the profile. This app is more stable as compared to the original version. It has the ability to store and change multiple accounts easily.

Login several accounts in this app and switch them whenever needed. Download audio recordings easily. It has no-reader mode in which a user can read important notifications and messages and no one will know about it. This app has a feature to type the message without marking it as being typed. No one will get notification of typing.

It is a free to use app and can be downloaded easily. Users can easily find out when a person started a VKontakte page. It is the best modified app for VK clients and it is not available on google play store.


Q. Is this app available on Google Play Store?

No! This app is not available on Google Play Store because it is a modified version with a lot of extra features. Google play store does not contain modified apps. You can download this app easily through our website without any issue.

Q. Is it free to download?

Yes! This app is completely free to download. Get all the features completely free without paying any single penny. Download the Apk of this app and install it in your device. Users will be able to use every feature free of cost.

Q. Is this app available for iOS devices?

No! This app is not yet available for iOS devices. This is a modified version of the app and due to apple security, this app is not yet available for iPhones. You can only download this app on android devices.

Q. Is it safe from viruses?

Yes! This app is scanned and completely safe from all the viruses. It does not contain any type of virus such as worms, malwares, spyware and Trojans etc. Download this app without any fear and enjoy extra features. Use offline features as well.


VK CoffeeVK CoffeeVK Coffee