Auto Clicker Apk

Version v1.6.5
Android Version 7.0 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer True Developers Studio
75% (8 Ratings)



Auto Clicker app performs automatic clicks on different positions of your mobile after a predefined time interval set by you. This feature helps to perform different tasks at a certain time of your choice. This app is attracting a reasonable amount of people towards it with its auto-clicking service.

With every new day, plenty of new apps and software are being introduced in a different categories. Some apps are out of context and provide some really crazy services. This app is also created with unique thinking behind it.

This app is actually designed to perform repeated operations after selected intervals. The app is very easy to use. You can set up different operations at once with multiple ‘operation-performing mode’ or can just go for a single task in a single task mode. You can also choose a time interval according to your need as well as can choose the number of repetitions for your selected task. For instance, if you set up an alarm for a morning wakeup, you can set an auto click to turn off your alarm automatically.

Features Offered by Auto Clicker Apk

This app has a variety of features that are really easy to use and prove very assistive in different situations. Let’s go through the services and features offered by this app.

Keep Clicking in Your Absence

If your task is related to continuous clicking and you are feeling bored of this clicking or wanna also do some other work with it, then nothing is better than this app. You just have to use this app, choose the position/positions on which you want continuous clicks & select the time laps between consecutive clicks and leave the rest on this app.

This app will keep on clicking on the defined positions after a selected interval without your presence. So you can use your precious time in handling other tasks while your clicking task is being performed automatically by this app.

Three Different Working Modes

This app works in 3 different modes which are ‘single target mode, multiple target mode & support swipe mode’. You can choose any of these three modes according to your need.

Single Target Mode

In Single Target mode, the app will work to click on a single target again and again with your defined time lapse. As you open this mode, you are given a movable circle. You have to drag this circle to move it to a position where you want clicks.

You have to define the time interval for clicks and also the number of clicks you want at that position. Now all is set and this app will keep clicking the defined position after the defined interval even in your absence.

Multi-Target Mode

If you want clicks on different positions then the multi-target mode is also there which helps you to choose multiple target positions for clicks. You have to define the positions in the same way with a circle as you did in single target mode.

But here after setting a circle on position, it will be marked as the number 1 position, then you have to drag a second circle, 3rd, 4th and so on. Here you also have to set time intervals for different positions and arrange circles according to your need.

Support Swipe

If you want clicks on different positions but to go on a few positions you need to swipe the screen. In this situation ‘support swipe’ feature of this app supports you to attain different positions in your auto-selected task.

Time Interval

This feature is also a compulsory component of an auto-clicking setup as it allows you to choose the time lapse between certain clicks and swipes. It helps to perform the task with perfection & in time.

Number of Cycles

This feature helps you to define the number of cycles for your auto-clicking setup. It is necessary for this app because if it is not there the app will keep on clicking until you stop it and will cause unwanted clicks.

Easy to Use Interface

This app ensures a very user-friendly interface. As you enter the app, you get three different modes to choose from. Each mode is also well configured and is easy to understand. In each mode, you have to define positions, time-lapse, and the number of cycles and you are all set to enjoy your auto-clicking setup.


This app is compatible with iOS as well as android mobiles and is equally loved by both types of device users.

Privacy & Security

This app is completely secure for all sorts of devices, as it is checked & featured by two world's best app stores i.e. Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Free of Cost

This app does not cost a penny even to any type of device user. You don't have to pay for download or usage of its features.

Download & Installation

If you are an iOS user, you can grab this app from the official app store of Apple and Android users can get this amazing app from Google Play Store. This app is also decorated here to grab from this page with a single tap on the ‘download’ button included on this page.

After downloading the app, you can open it and install it. But if you are asked to allow any permission then it surely would be unknown source permission which you have to turn on from your device setting before installation. 


Auto clicker is a fine, assistive and innovative app that brings ease to your mobile tasks. You can choose different tasks to perform automatically with three amazing assistive modes of this app and plenty of charming features. This means you can do your other important work or can relax while this app will keep on performing certain clicking-related tasks.


Q. Can I use this app on a PC?

At the moment you are reading about a mobile version of the app only, but hopefully, developers will introduce a PC version as well.

Q. Does this app require device rooting?

No, users can enjoy all the features thrown by this app without rooting their devices.


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